The Unseen Talents Amongst Us!


Once again while driving the public transportation Lynx bus here in Orlando Florida I run across more talent unexpectedly in the form of two very eager and energetic passengers who share their gift of music and love for song so freely with the world around them.

I felt so blessed that I always come prepared for the unplanned happenings of my day with my pocket camcorder in order to be enabled to share with you the sweet nuggets of experiences that are mine everyday I step out of my home and into my day as a bus operator.

As these two warm and wonderful individuals sung their hearts out I couldn’t help but think that here we have two people who have an overwhelmingly amount of talent who just might not be seen for who they truly are inside for the content and beauty of their character but only for the color of their skin.

It made me think deeper as to how much of the world has missed out on classically great talent because of the circumstances of a peoples mental sickness that cut down a persons chance to manifest their talent because someone couldn’t see past their outward packaging.

We stood here for a few moments at the Washington Shores Super Stop at the Washington Shores area of Orlando Florida which by all accounts according to the insinuations of our local oppressive media would be considered the ‘Hood!

But sit back and allow the impromptu joy to wash over your souls as you forget where they stand and be catapulted into a world of joy and peace by the unexpected gift from God that these two possess and I am always in position to experience on my job driving through the streets of Orlando Florida until the wee hours of the night!

Always remember that EVERY person out in the street at night is NOT a rapist, thief, carjacker and gunman!

God’s beauty can shine its light ANYWHERE! And for a minute while standing there listening to these two, you couldn’t tell me that the sun wasn’t shining bright in those so called dark hopeless and doomed streets…….

Never give up hope and never stop cultivating your talents and abilities to the glory of GOD!

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