The Value Of The Right Side Of The Brain In The Creative Revolution

Any oppressive force worth their mettle knows that it’s the people who utilize the right side of their brain that are the most dangerous and the biggest threat to taking down their power over others. These are the creative types who think OUTSIDE of the box & can influence the controlled flock in “disruptive” ways that free them from the grip of their oppressor!

Why do you think the FIRST programs to be cut in school are the arts?

Even your oppressor knows the value of the right side of the brain in the creative revolution!

It’s those of us who are the visualizers who can easily see through the propaganda that is fed to the masses and have the ability whether it be through the arts or written expressions to reach the people who are brainwashed and haven’t a clue as to how far gone they really are. You have to understand that this is why the press is so important because he who controls the press, the media and the news outlets are in a very powerful position to influence the thoughts and subsequently the actions of the flock.

Those who are educators have a tremendous impact on the minds of our youth and actually have much more power in shaping their collective psyches than we could ever understand.

Who can forget that very influential teacher that had an impact on our lives in a very big way? You were young and very impressionable, your mental “mold” wasn’t solidified yet and they made the biggest impact on your subconscious mind. You may even remember much of what they said or maybe how their different personality affected you in a good or bad way. Children never forget these things and usually carry those memories for their entire life! So understand the impact that our educators have on our children and subsequent future.

My thoughts these days are, why don’t we concern ourselves more with the people we have placed in such a crucial position in the building of our children’s tender minds? Why does it seem that we are more concerned over our next trip to the mall more so than what our children are absorbing through their school work? Why is it that we push to make sure that our children merely “look” good to their peers by purchasing the latest brand name fashions for them instead of molding how they SEE the world around them and how they fit in as a worthy contributor to society?

A child that is only taught an appreciation for the superficial is actually made handicapped because as they get older they will not possess the state of mind to look deeper into what actuality coexists around them. This makes it easier to control them due to the fact that they only go on what is seen instead of what lurks below the surface.

So to encourage creative thinking forces one to think outside of the box. I remember growing up how many stated that my reading of comic books would ruin my mind and the normal development of my thought processes! Nothing could have been further from the truth! I knew the difference between fantasy and reality and definitely didn’t have the line between the two blurred anyway whatsoever.

But understand that it is the ability to think beyond the normal parameters that has cause the great inventors to push the accepted boundaries of what is “normal” to a new level and reality by the inventions that they have created.

Where do you think these inventions first came to exist?


Yes, I’ve said this before and I will say it again, everything that you see around you in the world that is part of creation was at one time a mere “thought”… to stop those at a young age especially in a race of oppressed people to whom you fear their up rise, from thinking beyond the scope of what YOU say is reality, will stop the threat from young and dissipate any force that could eventually build up to overthrow you.

So not only has the negative oppressive forces learned to clip the wings of the creative children from such a young age, but they have actually infiltrated the arts because they have now come to understand how powerful a tool it can be in turning those very same talented individuals as agents of THEIR agenda to truly bring the masses to kneel unknowingly at the very feet of satan himself!

Now many of you have thought that I have lost my mind but this particular blog I must say that if it goes over your head then so be it. I am at a point in my life where I may not always slow down my flow in order to accommodate those who may not be doing their homework. Most of you do know where I am coming from if you have read many of my other blogs or have absorbed the truth infused in my various pieces of artwork.

The individuals whose thought processes are dominated by the left side of their brain are easily programmed and usually find success in the corporate world a lot faster than their right side of the brain dominated peers because they accept things as they are without challenging it and just plain old do what they are told.

This is why I have personally had so much trouble accepting the status quo on these various jobs that I have had to endure in my life because many do not wish to see that someone who is “unranked” in the office order of status could come up with the brilliant ideas that I so easily shared. It just wasn’t acceptable and I always had to be made an example to show the other employees what happens when one gets beside themselves in thinking that they are “worthy” to step up to the plate and believe that they have what it takes without first inquiring with the overseer or boss about it.

I remember when working so many years in the Home Depot that as long as I was the Big Black Buck who would do the menial chores of lifting heavy boxes of tile, sweeping the floors and just plain doing the heavy work that THEY approved for me to do then we would get along just fine!

It killed me inside because I had so much more to offer and would “see” where something could be done a little better to either improve the sales or make the work more easier yet just as effective for my fellow employees. Anytime I would suggest something in a sincere manner it was usually just brushed off in a subtle manner in order to praise those who lacked the melanin for whatever dumb idea THEY came with! It would happen time and time again. And let me say out of fairness that there were MANY qualified Caucasians who mastered their particular area of expertise and were so gracious to share their knowledge with me and helping me in my personal growth and knowledge.

But because I was built a certain way that reminded one more of a boxer or a football player I just could never be taken seriously on an intellectual level and relegated one who would do the heavy hard labor.

I remember one instance there working at The Home Depot in which I was heavily reprimanded. There was an elderly woman who entered the store late in the evening who wanted to have here floor redesigned but the particular designer who would have taken care of her wasn’t present that night and wouldn’t be for another week.

So since the store was reasonably slow that night and not much customers were around needing help, I took the time to find out what she wanted and engaged her to the various ideas of what I would do if I were in her shoes. Let me also share with you the fact that I am known by many people as a person who is very talented in interior design although like my artwork and writing, I do not have any documentation to state that I am qualified to take on such projects but when you see my work I let it speak for itself and I stand confidently behind it as I feel that it could match up with the most seasoned of designers!

Oh well, if I were a slightly sarcastic nerdy little gay white dude then maybe I would taken seriously in that department when I opened my mouth to speak on that level! LOL!

So after suggesting to her what could be done with her tiled floor she was overjoyed at how fast I helped her come to a conclusion as far as how the design would go! What it was is that she had the same type of ceramic tile in three different sizes, 12″ x 12″, 12″ x6″ and 6″ x 6″. I came up with a wonderful pattern that she loved after a few attempts one of them “clicked” with her and that was IT! And after all was said and done I still stated to her that this was my PERSONAL suggestion and not the suggestion of The Home Depot.

She understood and kept it between her and I.

The problem began when she returned to the store about a month later on one of my days off with pictures of the completed floor to show me and to commend me for the excellent suggestions that I gave her and to thank me for taking the time to discuss her options with her. The amount of compliments did NOT sit well with the competitive “crab in a barrel” fellow employees and the very controlling assistant managers who really wanted to stress to me how much I stepped out of my bounds because I was NOT trained and accepted at The Home Depot as a certified designer!

It was hell to pay when I returned to work!

But I do not blame the woman because she was happy and thought she was doing the right thing that would actually help me ascend to a higher position in the company because of those hidden talents that I possessed. But like I said before, any oppressive entity will NOT view your talents and abilities in a good light unless they CONTROL them and guide them for THEIR AGENDA! Since this was NOT the case it just could not be viewed as a good thing!

I got out of getting a write up by the skin of my teeth as I was told that I was not there under that capacity and I should only look to fulfill my duties in MY department in MY aisles!


Talk about feeling like a field nigger!

That is why I have learned to refer to The Home Depot over those years as the “Orange Plantation!” And many of you who have toiled there definitely know that what I am saying about it is the truth! But while this was merely ONE of my personal experiences with corporate amerikkka, I have so many others to share and will do just that but it all falls under the heading of being controlled for a corporate benefit and being selfless and giving up on your sense of individuality for the sake of a damn company who couldn’t give a damn about your well being! I remember they would have these “pep” rallies where everyone would be so happy after finding out about the record amount of sales that THAT particular Home Depot made and how everyone would scream at the top of their lungs and clap as though THEY wouldn’t have to fight for a .25 cents raise later on that year after the corporate bigwigs were getting paid SWEETLY!

I just couldn’t get that happy for a store that made two million (This was in New York City back in 1994 at the Rockaway Blvd. Store in Queens) when I could hardly make ends meet with what they were paying me and was going through such rough times after the death of my dear Mother.

But that will be a totally separate blog posting!

The bottom line is that you should NEVER give up your God given manner of creative thinking and always look to market YOURSELF and your TALENTS directly to the WORLD and build your brand to make your money directly for yourself! Only when you are financially independent will you be enabled to speak fearlessly because you will not fear the loss of your “job” because they do not appreciate your independence because it will inspire those who they have locked in their satanic grip of control to break out free!

So when I speak of revolution at this point I am speaking of the revolution of the mind! Where all changes in your reality for the better will begin. Take BACK your thoughts and begin to dream again because those that look to profit off of you do NOT want you to think outside of their oppressive little box. How DARE they when God gave you the entire world to righteously conquer and the mighty gifts that He has blessed us ALL with in order to conquer and subdue the earth! It’s a damn shame when our Father has given us so much and we give up our unlimited divine prosperity by trading it in to make another mans dream come true and allow him to take our resources that God gave US for HIS benefit! What God gave YOU belongs to YOU! Don’t trade it in for a mere watered down paycheck! These jobs in this wicked system will NEVER “give” to you what you are worth!

I am a revolutionary and I REFUSE to accept the limitations that a job will put on me and my talents! Make the job work for you and refuse to be a slave for a job! After a while of thinking beyond the limitations of a mediocre reality, that thing called “job” should fall off of you like a useless husk…….

…….have you ever seen a beautiful butterfly hang on to the cocoon as it flies away and ascends into its new found divine reality?

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