The Wisdom Of An Angel – The LanceScurv Show – Finding someone who has a passion for truth and justice in this wicked world is truly rare indeed.

One would almost have to find an Angel in the flesh to be able to connect on such a divine level because it seems as though the appetite for all things just has gone the way of the dinosaurs with the masses.

I guess you can say that I lucked out when I connected to an Angel who happened to be named Angel!

I want to share her energy with you in one of the most amazing conversations that one could experience.

This gifted Sister share a wisdom that is so needed in the world today and I hope everyone who takes the time to listen leaves it feeling elevated, motivated and enthusiastic to take their lives to the next level regardless as to what obstacles may appear to stand in their way.

Truth and raw passion flowed in this one as it was the first of many more to come!

The honor and pleasure of speaking with Angel was all mine!

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