In the dream I saw a president assassinated and all his guard were killed protecting him. I saw his enemies and they were not white but look more like carterons. I saw myself getting on a boat with a group of simbi or sirens who were the siblings of the guards who died. They didn’t know that their brothers have died but the wind blew as a sound, and we heard a sound in the wind. The wind triggered something in them that made them realize that their siblings were dead. And all of them started having fluorescent pink and green rays of light shown on their skin as they were mourning and wailing. But their wailing was a harmonious sound, the saddest I ever heard. And we, the passengers of that boat knew that death was coming.

 A lot of people will die. There will be war between 2 factions. I saw myself being invited to a party by a king because of what I knew about the factions, as if he was seeking political advice. A dress was chosen for me. And as I go, one of the conspirators tried to have me killed but instead it was he who was killed. He and all the other conspirators will die one by one. They will be killed, rather shot, by the same people who put them into committing the assassination. The conspirators believed those people were their allies, but those same allies will kill them because they knew too much.

The thing is, you could tell a man filled with greed to stop doing evil and they would still find excuses to hurt other people. If they are to be punished, then they would claim that they were only human. How many times will you use this excuse? How many more do you need to hurt to satisfy your needs even though you are well aware that everything you do has consequences? Human nature is selfish and defiant. That’s because we were conditioned to believe that we can get away with what we do wrong by asking God or any other God for forgiveness.

25,000 people die of hunger everyday on this planet. That’s 9,125,000 people per year. India, because of Prime Minister Modi’s carelessness caused the death of 5 million people in India because he lifted the lockdown so that he could run his campaign. 5 million people are dead because you wanted to run your campaign. There are 1.5 million people who die because of gun violence.

What if Wanda is sign that we have run out of forgiveness; that we have run out of excuses. In the last 5 years we have witness deadly floods happening in countries that have never experienced this: France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Britain. In less than 2 months, China has suffered another devastating flood. Those are signs that we are running out of chances.

This was my conclusion from the letter I wrote to be considered for the Neta Kolasa Scholarship: I said “This scholarship will allow me to help those I didn’t have the money or the capacity to help. This scholarship is an opportunity to finally do something when every day I live in sorrow and regret because I cannot do anything. Every day I cry, and I pray to God to help me so that I can help those who suffer; to give to me so that I can give to others. My pursuit of happiness is to know that when I die, I did do something, and that someone is not suffering. Doing the right thing is not hard at all, because at the end, you chose, you choose to do wrong to others.”

Smoked Screens and Diversion

Pastor Christian Emmanuel Sanon

The reason I am bringing this up is because I am witnessing an injustice to a man who serves God. A pastor is being vilified and accused of an act that he could have not committed.

The pastor has been involved in shady business of making money off his church members. Pretending to know Political figures and using their name without they even knowing about it.

Yet again, there is another twist in the tale of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. It seems that Port-au-Prince oligarchs have made a patsy out of an innocent pastor. Pasteur Christian Emmanuel Sanon who is a man of God. He is a man who preached the truth about Jovenel Moise.

He said: “It’s Dimitri Vorbe who sell you out even though you allowed him to make millions. You are not a hero. You have never done anything for your own people! The black race, nappy hair negroes like yourself. You have done absolutely nothing. The country is covered with trash. And now everybody are call you a hero when you were willing to lead us to chaos with your referendum. You allow all the thieving ministers to continue the looting in their position.

 People call you a hero. I call you a zero. There is the hero. Yes, the country is mourning but we are not mourning. Haiti has been mourning for 4 years now: massacres in Delmas, Cite Soleil. Doctors are assassinated. Lawyers are assassinated. Everybody was falling. So, it is not since that Wednesday that the country has been mourning. Students are being killed in their faculties.

It is not since Wednesday that we have been mourning. It is not that day that I have been mourning. The country has been mourning for years. You have lied so much to yourselves. They know who did it.”

But then, he got cocky, “Send a message to the commissioner of the police. Come and investigate to find out if I was your accomplice. If I was part of the plot”

“Haiti will stay unstable until it realizes its form. Now, it is transforming. Now you cannot be shot dead, diseases and catastrophic storms will kill you! The operation must begin to free the country, so that no depute, no senator, no judge, no president can stop the country from being liberated; so that the other one will get rid to him in the name of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah, thank you Lord”

From this speech, maybe he knew what went down because there was a picture of him with Solage circulating. Nonetheless, the man serves God. He was preaching against Jovenel Moise. He said Jovenel Moise was a And they have dared to torture and force an innocent servant of the Divine admit the impossible. The Wrath of God will descend upon the culprits. You do not sully the name of a servant of God, especially if he was telling the truth.

Martine Moise

The First Lady, Martine Moise, her medical report says that she was shot 4 times with a M16 assault weapon. The M16 bullets are 6 inches long. She was shot in her hip, in the pelvis, in the back and one in her arm. The First Lady was supposed to go through surgery on Saturday, July 10th while still being in critical condition. However, the next day from being shot and beaten, and before even having a surgery from being critically wounded, she was able to give a speech? The damages and injuries those bullets could have caused are proof that Martine Moise is lying. She is an accomplice. Nobody after getting shot in the hip, in the back and in the arm by a M16 would be able to walk out of a plane only 5 days after the assassination. The trauma and the post-traumatic stress alone would have not allowed her to do a public appearance. I thought she was in critical condition.

First, she said that she acted dead while the assassins were butchering her husband, and that she also was beaten by the mercenaries. Then she said that she was downstairs and that she didn’t know that Jovenel was murdered. She got shot and then pretended to be dead.

Then again, she said that Jovenel didn’t suffer and that the mercenaries simply riddled him with bullets. I observed the pictures of the president’s corpse. The splatters of blood and dread crusty blood on his body disprove what she is saying. He was hacked while he was alive.

And again, she said that her and her children were downstairs and were not aware that Moise was being tortured and killed. She means that she and her children couldn’t hear the M16 shooting. She said that it’s went they went upstairs that they found him dead. Okay… So, how did she manage to climb up stairs with 6-inches-long bullets lodged in her back, her hip, her pelvis and her arm?

 The children said that they didn’t hear anything as their father was being murdered and that they were the one who found him. But then, they said that they went hiding in their bedroom while there were the shootings. And then, Jovenel’s daughter, Jomarlie, said that she was in her bedroom and it is only when she saw her mother bathed in blood, that’s when she knew something happened. And you mean that they didn’t hear either the multiple shots, the scream of their father while he was being tortured or as he was being shot 12 times?

1993 speech of Haunani-Kay Trask in front of Lolani Place on the 100th anniversary of the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

“We are not American! We are not American! We are not American! We are not American! Say it in your hearts. Say it when you sleep. We are not American! We will die as Hawaiians! We will never be Americans! The Americans, my people, are our enemies! And you must understand that they are our enemies. They took our land. They imprisoned our queen. They banned our language. They forcibly made us a colony of the United States. America always says they are democratic. Lies! That is a lie! They have never been democratic with native people. They have never been democratic with Indians. They have never been democratic with Hawaiians. The United States of America is the most powerful imperialist country in the world. In the world! They control the United Nations. They control the Pacific Ocean. All those nuclear submarines circulating throughout the Pacific. The United States is a death country. It gives death to the native people! The only way to fight the United States of America is to be political! Fight, fight, fight!

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