A potential war with Iran, a weird presidential Impeachment of a mentally unstable egotistical narcissist of a American leader if you have the nerve to call him that and an abrupt death of a sports icon and his beloved daughter that left us with more questions that probably won’t ever be answered because of the reckless distractive year that is sure to transpire and the only bit of sanity that we can look forward to are the logical wisdom saturated soothing conversation with Sister Carrie Lux who can make sense of it all.

These are the times that your parents warned you about regardless of their religious origins or spiritual proclivities, we can see that they were absolutely right about what they saw and for those of us who do not have them on this plane and present with us, we thank them for the foresight that we oftentimes took for granted.

Now we see that we have rare scarce examples of this type of wisdom and will quickly gravitate to any snippet that we can absorb this refreshing throwback sensibilities and this is why we cannot get enough of our dear Sister Carrie Lux! Feel free to share your perspectives on what you’ve heard here in the comment section and thank you for spending your precious time here with us! Enjoy!

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