There Ain’t Nothing Good About It If There Ain’t Nothing God About It!

If you are a highly motivated person who is moving fast toward your destiny, you have to be able to discern between reality and those illusions that parade around you and masquerade as reality. When the storms of deception arrive to your door you must lock it down and cling to what you know is real and lasting.

When you are one who is driven and have real dreams that you want to attain and are feverishly doing all that you can within your powers to manifest it, you inadvertently send a “signal” out to the universe and will unfortunately draw down into your private space the entities who are covert spiritual vampires hellbent on siphoning all positivity from your soul to render you powerless to even execute the simplest of tasks, much less having the energy to go after your lifelong dreams!

You must be careful as the line between reality and illusion gets thinner and thinner the higher you climb. Our own sense of where we are located in the overall scheme of things can malfunction because of all of the new stimuli that are waiting for us on the higher levels that we were never trained or equipped to deal with and now must master them as we go along.

The fake friends, the shady business partners who’ve appeared to be on the up and up when you first signed the dotted line, covert haters who have thus far been very successful at permeating into the inner circle of your trusted few and as always the ever growing masses who try their best to adhere themselves to you possessing intentions unknown that always come to you in a righteous packaging are just some of the situations that you have got to keep your guard up for as you move toward your own personal success goals.

Jealous People

But this is not only something that we must keep our guards up for on an external level, but it is also a state of mind that can deceive us from the inside as we can deceive ourselves just as bad as someone on the outside who is looking for a way to scam us of our resources too.

…….and if you ask me, this is the worst type of deception because the most vicious demons that we can fight in our earthly walk can be those forces that we fight from the inside. It can be frightening when one is not properly armed with the righteous armor of knowledge in how to deal with them because it is not to easy to get away from what inner turmoil that you are experiencing inside. Then to add gasoline to the fire and have to deal with the negativity from the outside level only compounds it to form a deadly demonic spiritual cocktail that almost guarantees disaster sooner or later.

So while it is great to have goals and to work feverishly toward them we also have to make sure that we are right from the inside first and ready for our ascension because in actuality it is the only area that we can control as opposed to the external negative forces that are lurking in our midst.

You must be spiritually grounded and anchored so deeply as to be able to weather any storms of confusion, disruption and temptation that are sure to aggressively come your way to thwart your attempts to be the best version of you that you can be.

As I said in the first sentence of this article, you must be able to discern between reality and illusion in order to maintain a steady upswing because like that mosquito who is desperately trying to find a small hole in that mosquito net at night to feast on the sweet flesh of your sleeping body, the entities who covertly follow you like the paparazzi trails an unknowing celebrity who is out for a morning stroll will lay in waiting for the perfect opportunity to inject themselves into your reality and on of the tactics that they will use is to appeal to the lower desires that you may have neglected to keep in check from a lack of spiritual grounding and cleansing.

This is comparable to spending 500,000 dollars on the best security system for the front door of your home but at the same time leaving your backdoor unlocked with a sign in the front yard stating so. So in using this analogy to bring my point home I now ask what’s the point of spending so much in one facet of your life when at the same time you have totally abandoned any acknowledgement that the other parts need strengthening and development?

It’s the weaknesses from within that are usually the very things that bring us down and if that “mosquito of a spiritual vampire” cannot find a “hole in the net of your armor” then they have no other choice but to move on to the next potential victim in order to suck the blood of their life force. So this is what they mean in God’s word when they say put on the WHOLE ARMOR! What good is it to be partially ready for the combat that is sure to come over your life merely because you are a driven, focused and motivated individual?

As I’ve gotten older and more mature, I can look back now and see how much time I’ve spent on people who just didn’t have my best interests at hand, it was all about them and they could care less about what my goals were. And if the truth be told I must say that many of those who’ve attempted to slow down my progress in the various areas of expertise that I’ve indulged in never really believed in themselves and were absolutely insulted that I had the nerve to think I had a real shot at reaching my goals.

The latter reference is the types that are the most dangerous because although they appear to be the “go getters” that their manufactured facade promotes them to be, but in essence they at best are nothing but spoilers to those in their midst who are of a pure heart to submit to the requirements and laws of excelling at their chosen craft.


Like the speed bumps in the road that are designed to slow you down from speeding too fast, these dead weight persona’s can only do just that for you in your quest for personal perfection. Just because they have given up doesn’t mean that they have to the right to make you quit either!

Make it a point of always accomplishing something everyday toward your goals, let no one get between you and your covenant to yourself and your Creator to reach the potential that was placed in you from birth that will take you to realities and experiences that you never knew were possible. Never allow these leeches into your inner circle without making it very hard to get close to you turning over every stone and leaving nothing up to chance.

Your life force is limited as well as your time and the gifts that have been granted to you on this earth are just too precious to piddle away to these dead weights who want nothing else for you but doom, gloom, nothingness and despair!

Claim your new life RIGHT NOW from within and begin to think like the winner that you are!

Banish anyone and everyone who attempts to place on your mind the curse of limitations and inform them that the God who created you is a God who has NO LIMITS!

So WHY should you have any limits either?

It’s time to clean house and draw the line between your true reality and the illusion of false entities in your world so that you can cut a straight path into that place of your dreams that God made just for you if you would only trust in Him to bring you their through your submission to His will!

There is no gimmick, no ploy, no scam, no hook-up, no pyramid scam, no ointment, no witchcraft spell and no false preacher or candle who can get you success faster than the one who Created the universe…….

…….how foolish are we to believe that we can take a shortcut to success faster than the Almighty Himself?

I know that I have and I wasted so many decades because of it so I know exactly what I am sharing here:

“There Ain’t Nothing Good About It If There Ain’t Nothing God About It!”

(…….and there ain’t no doubt about it! LOL!)

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