There Is No Copyright On The Truth!

God’s word is so very powerful.

It’s like bearing the responsibility of being entrusted with a high powered assault weapon in the military, you need to have a special sense of what it can do if used incorrectly and respect the power it has and use your educated judgment when it comes time to draw it to protect yourself against a potential threat.

But the word of the most high is so much more powerful than an assault weapon, it’s so mighty that it would make the collective detonation of every single nuclear bomb in the world appear to be nothing more than the annoyance of a mosquito bite that you didn’t notice until after the itching sensation stopped.

Military Assault Weapon

With this kind of power at the hands of someone who is not pure in heart and intentions makes them a deadly individual especially when they seek to parlay the power of the Creator for their own personal gain and status upgrade.

…….and because the power of God is reflected off of the veneer of the false prophet, most will honor the man as he has for a time successfully eclipsed that adulation for himself and becomes intoxicated with its sheer force.

Like a prizefighter who fails to see his physical abilities deteriorating but still desires to fight on, this pimp preacher’s true intentions begin to become clearer to those in his midst who have the gift of discernment.

It’s easier to discern his true heart because the real power of God is too much for even that delusional shyster who possesses a huge ego to effectively under gird it’s immeasurable weight.

They will always become unstable and show their ass because when a huckster of God’s word gets “high” from usurping his glory from the believers, the craving grows to the point where THEY have lied to themselves and now believe that THEY are a God beside God!

Now the pissing contests begin, the word of God now becomes that assault weapon that I describe a few sentences up in this article and it is used to challenge and come against anyone who is a threat to reveal who they truly are and what they are really all about.

The attacks from the false prophet start out in a mild often undetectable manner, they will use their most loyal followers to character assassinate those threats and take it as far as it needs to go to silence that person or group. While the attacks on the discerning spirits are carried out, the false prophet will even comfort the very ones to whom he/she ordered the hit on in the same manner that a cold blooded mobster will murder a rival mafia capo and then turn around and attend the funeral with the family, shed tears and take them all out to dinner promising to catch the killer!

Cold blooded!


The pimp preachers drug is to be worshiped and served in the way that we are supposed to worship and serve God.

He appears to be humble to most who are deceived by the facade so they will blindly defend him as the truth tellers shed a light onto the monster that has boldly and shrewdly redirected their love of God to himself.

This fraud will claim that one must not worship anywhere else where his reach has no influence. He fears that one who is a true servant of God will spot him out and call him out because of what he sees lurking inside of his heart.

But this is an important thing to remember…….Their is no patent on truth, no one “owns” it or has exclusive rights to it and if you are about the truth and I am about the truth then there can be NO conflict.

Now in our spiritual infancy we will get caught up in the one man exaltation because our “out of sync” egos will be for a time in conflict with this new found power that we possess but for the most part it should fall off of us like a useless husk once we begin to mature and see what the right road is to travel.

But some of us never mature and develop in those areas and will appear to be good men and women of God who are humble in their service to Him yet still harbor this “brat of an attention whore” deep down inside unseen to the masses.

This is why transparency is a must for whoever claims to be one who represents God in their works, a true servant has absolutely nothing to hide about their past because we all have fallen short of God’s glory but too many of these false prophets want to present a “manufactured cardboard cutout of a carefully doctored image” of perfection in order to bedazzle their flock into worshiping them instead of God.

So know you know that the excessive ego needs, the lack of transparency and the constant pissing contests with others who may have a different perspective on the SAME TRUTH indicates that all is not right in an individual whose intentions are not about living a spotless life and serving God in the most humble of manners but is really a profit driven egomaniac who without those who are deceived (Only for a time) are really nothing much on their own at all!

Magic Don Juan

When God truly ordains you, it is quite evident that you have true power like that police officer who has his weapon swinging on his/her hip that is ordained by the jurisdiction to whom they work in. You never challenge the authority over you as a representative of the ruling body that they work for yet a true officer is also a servant of the people. Their are many wonderful Pastors sprinkled across the land but it’s the wayward frauds who give those women and men of God such a bad name.

They must be called out and exposed and once discovered for who they are must not even be supported anymore because to do so would place the blood of the deceived/lost souls that THEY have destroyed on your hands also.

Know that so many of us who claim that exalted position of man or woman of God are not always what they appear to be so this is why you must test the spirit at all times. And while I truly appreciate all of the respect that many out here in cyberspace grant me I will never believe that I am above the God that I serve and will probably never tell you that I am this or I am that.

Judge me by what you see and do understand that I have indulged in many a sin and have down some jacked up things in this life that I am not proud of but never will I attempt to sweep those indiscretions under the rug and away from your view because it’s in those low moments that I can see how far my God has truly brought me and delivered me from certain carnal activities.

It doesn’t get any more authentic  than that!

I have nothing to seel you, I don;t want anything from you, nor do I want your attention for any other reason to make you open your eyes to what is around you to make you think on a higher level so that you can unclog your senses to be enabled to manifest your mission in this world to complete Gods will in this life.

We are all passing through in this earthly journey and if I can make a difference in yours because of the enlightenment that I have gained from my experiences then my job is done and all praises are due to the God that has given me the gift of this life!

No offering plates from me. No special holy rubbing oils. No building fund requests and no constant harassing of the flock to purchase my wares.

Just one Brother to his peers and whoever crosses my path in the spirit of love and Brotherhood.

So the very powerful responsibility that has fallen on my shoulders will always be used in a righteous manner in my own unique way of stimulating your senses, and we ALL have that power once we submit to divine law and don’t have to seek the approval of this world to call ourselves pastor to do it.

Offer your resources to those in need out of love and submit your services to the so called lowest of us and you will always be shown favor in the eyes of our dear Lord.

My imperfect life has been a huge testimony to that and yours can too!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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