So there is more to Superman than meets the eye? In this twisted world of riddles and mysteries where the actual truth about us as Black people are never revealed, it is an honor to hear the real science behind the words of Brother Heru Hainus. As you listen to this powerful lecture from our beloved Brother, I couldn’t help myself but to get very angry at all of the years of indoctrination that I received in what they call the public school system while never EVER getting taught the truth about our unique physical mental and spiritual makeup.

Yes, we ARE powerful and those who want us exterminated off of the face of the earth after stealing the planets resources like the planetary viruses they are they surely don’t want us to know who we are! But the sleeping giant is awakening and it will not stop until we rise to the level that our oppressors do not want us to attain.

We are a force of nature and there is nothing that cannot stop that!

YOU are that tsunami!

YOU are that hurricane!

YOU are that earthquake!

YOU are that flood!

YOU are that erupting volcano!

YOU are that lightning strike!

YOU are that tidal wave and we should NEVER forget that!

All we have to do is to reconnect with nature and realize that we don’t need to “believe” in having a watered down one sided relationship with the “SON” often spoken of in scripture but to have a daily relationship with the “SUN” that will have us vibrating on that high frequency that they could NEVER comprehend! NEVER FORGET THAT!

Please share your perspectives on this powerful lecture from Brother Heru Hainus and let us move swiftly into our destiny with no more wasted time spent on the toxic indulgences of the pink beast that has been our perpetual downfall. PEACE!

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