These Huge Satanic Drug Corporations Are The Ultimate Drug Dealers Who Fight For The Turf Of Your Mind!

I’m just thinking out loud here and will probably be bashed and judged as usual for doing just that. But this is why many travel through to search the posts on, because I am known to say the things that others only dare think about. LOL!

That being said, my thoughts today ran in many directions as usual but one thing stayed on my mind as I drove my bus. It seems as though so many people have addictions of one sort or another, and it was really evident on this particular day. I mean, when I waited for the bus to come in whose driver I was going to relieve and take over, I saw so many people nervously craving drugs,  puffing on cigarettes and sipping hard liquor disguised in brown paper bags at a time when ones body is just waking up!

How could anyone do this to themselves I thought, and not for nothing these same people will wonder why they are looking old for their ages and can’t figure out why.

But in an earlier conversation with someone close I told them that while there must be something to this substance abuse addiction, I for one just don’t believe that I can fall victim to THAT particular vice. Not drugs. Not alcohol. Not weed or crack or ANYTHING of that sort.

Now many here will begin to say that I shouldn’t have said such a thing but it wasn’t meant as a put down to anyone who has that type of struggle because I know that when someone gets involved with substances pretty much it is a complex thing to really break down and each situation may have very different factors.

But the reason why I said that I wouldn’t ever be involved with drugs is not that I think that I’m Superman or anything but because the way that I’m wired mentally because of a few incidents that I had to endure in my life.

Anyone who has followed me here in cyberspace for any length of time will know that I have an older Brother who has been on drugs for long stretches of time or rather several decades of his life. I am very open about it because to me it is therapeutic to do so and I have a first hand view on what drugs can do to someone as far as robbing their life away from them is concerned.

Now, I am not going to get into every decadent detail but it’s needless to say that I’ve run in the opposite direction in life and that’s AWAY from everything drug/substance related.

To be honest with you I HATE DRUGS!


Smoking Crack

To me, when the masses accept the statement that drug addiction, alcohol addiction as well as all other addictions that people have where there is a chemical involved tells me that there is a “crack” in their spiritual armor that was capitalized on by a demonic spirit.

Okay, I am ready for many of you to lay it on me but that is just my opinion. Is drug addiction a disease or is it an escape from some OTHER issue deep within that is the REAL issue? At the time of this writing, THAT is where I stand in this conversation.

Why else do I think that it is a cop out to call drug addiction and substance abuse a disease? Well, to me, and I can only speak for myself, but cancer, diabetes, sickle cell anemia and so one are diseases. They strike someone who was in seemingly good health unexpectedly and because of their individual physically propensity to deal with it, it overtakes them. For those who suffer these types of diseases I will have sympathy for, but what happens for example to a so called crackhead if he or she were taken to an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean where they had all of the amenities to live a great life provided for them in this experiment except the one drug that they were addicted to when in the unfavorable environment that made it easy to get their hands on that drug of choice?

Are they still in a state of disease because they have been forced to be drug free for a time? And what if this individual had counseling over a long period of time that would help seal the cracks in their spiritual armor and be made to understand what it is that triggers the emotional/spiritual response which translated to them as the urge for more substances? What if they were forced to conquer this thing cold turkey for years? would they still be considered an addict if they never went back to it?

Well, there are many who sing that despicable song (In my book) of saying that once you are an addict then you are ALWAYS an addict.

My reply to that is “did God make any of us addicts?” I don’t think he did, so this spirit of addiction HAD to come from somewhere and guess where it did? Satan himself!

Now for those who are not a believer in all things unseen in the spiritual world I guess that this is the point where we part ways because my mention of a satanic influence won’t sit well who them as a valid reason for this thing we call addiction.

But while I do believe that there are some that have a propensity for addictive behavior much in the way many of us run to consume comfort foods to calm our nerves in a time of personal turmoil, there has got to be other unseen factors involved to have a substance take over ones life so totally and thoroughly.

So I believe that we as a society are setting up the people to be addicts at more alarming rates because we have become so permissive of all things that are in transgression to God’s divine law. Call me corny if you want but that is at the root of it. We need to raise our children to be morally sound and to be taught accountability for our actions and to know that certain behaviors are not acceptable nor will be enabled.

I’m not taking the responsibility off of the individual who doesn’t make the effort to resist the temptation to give in, but I feel that addiction is a multi-pronged complex state of being without a one size fits all remedy.

I feel strongly that character has a lot to do with it, anyone who has lived their life with strong convictions I feel would never fall victim to substance abuse when the going got tough in this life. Now everyone who pretends to be strong may not be that resilient when the challenges of life arrive at their doorstep, but we all know that handful of people who, through thick and thin, have never wavered in their belief systems and who they were as well as what they are all about.

It is THOSE individuals to whom I speak of that will NEVER become addicted to drugs because of the strong character of who they are to the core.

I consider myself to be one of those who possess a strong will in that regard I know there must be something to crack addiction for that matter but if someone were to force me to inhale that drug at the threat of bodily harm, I really don’t feel that I would give up my wonderful life just to once again indulge in something that could never overshadow the wholesome joys that I’ve come to love in my life!

Too many of us really do not know how sweet real life can be because we have settled into the thought process of thinking that this artificial modern day engineered way of living is truly the real thing If we believe that then we are already set up to fail when the level of satisfaction derived is poor or non existent at best.

I find that many of us are seeking that elusive “high” or feeling of euphoria that never comes when in fact total obedience to divine law will bring a constant sense of satisfaction that can never be achieved in a crack pipe, liquor bottle or shot of heroin into the arm.

There are so many nations in the world like the Netherlands or Sweden for example, where drug addiction is not as overwhelming when compared to the numbers here in the United States. They have taken a tough stance by being aggressive on awareness and education for the youth and it definitely shows.

It’s a shame that here in the United States, we are a fraction of the world’s population but consume 94% of the worlds hard drugs! We are a nation of drug addicted people who now get to watch drug commercials on the television as though it is something good and these drug companies are profiting from our adopted and engineered mindset that there is a drug for every little thing that ails us as if clean wholesome living doesn’t count.

Look at the amount of religious institutions that we have on these shores yet all kinds of twisted forms of spiritual decadence run amok and is encouraged by the media and a “tolerant” mentality that tells everyone that we all should live and let live Yet, when the tragedies begin it is us who have elected to make the choice of clean living that have to pick up the pieces with our hard earned resources.

To take drug addiction so lightly in the world and especially this place called America definitely benefits the corporate entities who profit from our weakness and ignorance. I for one wish to see all of the children of the world not as future addicts or customers to a system that would rather dole out drugs in mass quantities instead of going deep into the issues that are the precursors to the addictions. It is quite evident that we as a hijacked culture have been heading in the wrong direction at an alarming rate but how much longer can we travel down this road without a total collapse from which there will be no recovery from?

Let’s go back to the time when we had strong culture, true teachings and accountability for our actions with a tough love that had no room for enabling this foolishness of copping out and blaming everything else in our lives for these indulges that we refuse to let go!

The biggest high on the planet is living a clean life and ANYONE who tells you different works for these corporate drug pushers that  are commissioned and well paid by satan HIMSELF!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,




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