“They don’t want you to know who you truly are” is a statement that you will come to understand as the absolute truth when you gain more time on this earth if you don’t understand it already.

Who are “THEY” you just might ask.

“THEY” happen to be those who are in the Elite Ruling Class” of people who make sure to move in silence behind the cloak of a covert existence that most will never identify but who have a great amount of control over the lives of the masses of people the world over.

There is a reason for the hierarchy to remain as it is with several classes of people that can’t ever seem to grasp that elusive happiness that they’ve desired for their entire life as they’ve played by “the rules” of going to school, receiving their education/indoctrination, getting a “job”, obeying the law and never questioning an order that they were born into that was never made to benefit those who are not in the inner circles of the ruling class of elites. Black and white are ruled over in this system but at the top are those Caucasoid’s who are White but call themselves Jews after hijacking the history identity of those whose garment they wear as their own.

But while they parade around acting as though they are the chosen people, they know deep down inside that they are not us and can only maintain their rule over the entire planet for a brief time now because their time is nearly up.

This is why they have done a wickedly brilliant job of confusing the psyches of Black people to belief that they are not worthy of accomplishment and honor as their history has been stolen to make them feel as though they haven’t contributed anything to the human family of worth.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

The world wouldn’t have the awesome gifts that it does if it weren’t for the talents and creativity of the Black Man and Woman.
They also fear that you will discover how powerful you are on the spiritual planes and how easy it would be to simply wake up out of our deep sleep to rid these evil entities from our lives to never be exploited as we are ever again.

But they’ve caused us to be very afraid of looking into ourselves to manifest the Creator’s powers within us so they gave us religions that have us looking everywhere else but internally and even up to the sky for a spoke God that does not exist.

Notice that when you claim Jesus, Muhammad or Moses, they have no problem with you as they know that you are caught up in the Matrix. But when you do not visibly indulge in the mentally challenged practices that they’ve afforded you then they will begin to keep you under their scope because now you are a threat to break their oppressive grip from around your neck.

And God forbid if your independent philosophies spread among your people to wake them up also, now your enemy will have a revolution on their hands but know that the power that they fear is not from the gun, knife or poison, but from the spiritual reawakening that will wipe them out in an instant without even laying a hand on them or being in their proximity!

Their day is coming and there is no court in the land that can charge any one of us with a crime when were several miles away from the mass casualties when they happened. Let us go back to what we know and let us have that conversation with the true God within that has been waiting for us to unleash His power on the enemy!

If vengeance is His and He is inside of you then it is you who must enact what your enemy has coming to him. Don’t waste another moment crying over what has been done to us and make sure that their tears flow like rivers after we are finished with them if they can even stay alive after the onslaught!


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