There’s not a day that goes by where I do not think of my parents. I sometimes cannot embrace how many years have gone by since they have transitioned to the next plane. I cannot understand how so much time can go by while at the same time feeling like they are right there with me. I can see so clearly their facial expressions as well as hear their voice so clearly deep into the innermost recesses of my being.

They are a part of me and I am a part of them and nothing could ever change that. I really do miss them so badly but I know that I have to continue on this level and finish my mission wherever it may take me. I want everyone reading this to know how much of a gift good parents are and if you are gifted to have them alive in the present please let them know how much that you love them and if you do not have a good relationship with them find a way to make it right.

While their physical presence may be gone I still feed on what they have afforded me as far as wisdom and am forever thankful for the lessons that they have so abundantly given me. If it wasn’t for my parents I could by no means possess the level of perception that I have now. My Mother especially told me constantly that hard times would come to me emotionally and to never give up or let go.

She knew me so well that the things that she told me that I would go through always came true. She was beyond special and loved me so much to the point I can feel her love around me constantly every single day of my life.

My gifts of discernment, being an empath and very knowledgeable on the full range of human nature leaves me very lonely because most people are operating on such a low frequency and never can completely put their arms around I’m seeing on the higher vibrations so I often stay to myself. How can tell those around me that I can see right through them to their most basic feelings, thoughts and intentions to the core without them coming to the conclusion that I’m mentally imbalanced – many already feel this way without any further provocation anyway – or losing my mind?


I would never trade my gifts for anything in the world but sometimes the realization that you can “see” who’s around you will oftentimes leave you in a state of frenzy craving to get away to a place of intense solitude away from the signals of madness and deceit that your gift affords you to hear.

My Mother always told me that I was quite different from others and for such a long period of time I had no clue as to what she really meant.

She prepared me for the more spiritual aspects of what was yet to come down the road for me while my Father taught me the ropes of the world so that I would never be in shock about how low human nature could possibly go when those around me were stressed beyond measure. He took me places and showed me the situations and the realities in this world that weren’t the most happy, pristine or positive in order for me to have a comparison in my young mind of how good I really had it.

So at the end of the day i see the importance of not only having a balanced, nurturing and loving home but of having those two that created you out of love to give you the greatest lessons in the greatest school a child could ever know…….home!

I now know why at this junction point I’ve been despised by many in my circles who I thought had my best interests in mind as I did theirs. Many did not have that love in their life in their formative years and realized that by being in my presence that they were robbed of so many wonderful experiences simply because their parents never gave them what I had in great abundance.

I will speak more on this area of my life as time goes by but after listening to some music on YouTube just before I got the urge to write my chest swelled with emotion and I had to let some of my thoughts here so that maybe someone else who feels the same way can find a modicum of solidarity in not feeling alone with the divine perceptions that they have been blessed with. I thank you for taking your precious time to read my words and do come back again because it feels so good to be writing again and I will be sharing more on a daily basis.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Empathic Brother,


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