They Wish You A Happy Mothers Day Today And Then Call You A Damn Stupid Bitch Tomorrow!

Instead of raining down Mother’s Day praises those deserving angels who we refer to as Mother merely for one day, respect them all year by not calling them bitches!

Would you call Jesus’ Mother (Mary) a bitch?

But that statement of mine will probably go in through one ear and out the next without even seeing the truth in it and how it pertains to THEIR lives!

I have two paths of thought on this issue…….

But let me first say that this is why I just don’t get caught up in the never ending Facebook page Happy Mother’s Day messages, because most of them are so hypocritical like the people that state them.

Maybe I’m getting older in my thinking or I’m just one who doesn’t like to waste any time, but you all know that I really do care for all of you who are TRUE MOTHERS, so you must be able to understand that with all that I have on my plate with my various projects, I just do not have the time to mindlessly say the same thing over again and again that everyone else is saying online and hardly meaning it.

You KNOW out of ALL of the people that you know in cyberspace that if you need me 24/7 I’m there for you and that goes 365 days out of the year. So if anyone thinks that they can compare my “ride or die” attitude toward our friendship no matter HOW infrequently we may speak then you don’t really know me after all!

That being said, we have got to do better in our treatment toward our women, especially our Mothers!

Our Mothers are the righteous vessels that bring into existence ourselves replicated into the future. It’s not just as simple as catching a load of sperm inside of your vagina and plopping it out nine months later. It goes a lot more deeper than that and we need to know how to treat such a delicate yet very durable creation of God that is one of the greatest gifts that a community under attack as we are can have. This is where your backup comes from…….your MOTHERS!

This is where your future leaders come from…….your MOTHERS!

Our in house doctors and engineers, our cooks, our construction workers, our spiritual leaders, our teachers and nurses. I could go on and on forever but I believe that you understand by now how deep this thing can go.

…….and us men can give the most glowing of compliments to a strange woman walking down the street with a secret agenda behind them yearning deep  in our blood engorged loins and the moment that it seems that the woman is not going to give us any play then she automatically becomes a damn stupid ass bitch who all of a sudden is ugly and fat! But mere moments before you were so ready to bed her down and do al kinds of freakish things to her if she was to be so stupid to let you get that far!

So if we are calling our Mothers bitches then what does that make YOU?

It doesn’t have to even be your same blood D.N.A. sharing Mother because if you call ANY Mother a bitch then that means that YOUR Mother must have been one because when you really know of a TRUE MOTHER then you would be terribly afraid to incur THAT kind of curse over your life by calling her out of the name of that divine throne that God made her to grace!

To call anyone’s Mother that is to curse God Himself and you and I know that it is a terrible sin to do even THAT!

But let me also say that for YOU as a Mother to secure the backing of God, you have got to carry yourself in a manner befitting a Queen.

Don’t think because you merely have children that you qualify to receive the treatment of a TRUE MOTHER, this is where too many of us out here in this twisted substitute society get it all wrong.

Bear with me Ladies as I get into this rant that may insult SOME of you. And to really think about it, some of you probably NEED to insulted to see what you have become in order to get verbally smacked to coming back into your senses if you had any in the first place!

Pushing out a child without the true majesty of being a Mother to properly RAISE that child does not afford a chick the divine props that comes with righteously finishing a job off the way God meant it to be!

A Soon To Be Mother And Her Natural Childbirth

Enduring a mere physical process does NOT reveal that a woman possesses the higher qualities of Motherhood! The physical part is ONLY the beginning. There are too many hoochie mamas out here in the world who are only in it for a check and therefore will NEVER get the respect that I will give a TRUE MOTHER that raises not only her children from babies to responsible adults but because of this undergirds a productive community that thrives! To look around at our community today shows us that the family has been compromise at the expense of these buffoonish “pleasure first responsibilities later IF ever” degraded mentalities!

If you get mad at THAT prior statement of mine then your probably have a little bit if not a whole lot of growing up to do if you did not understand the raw truth in those words stated.

And if you do feel that a woman should get the same respect that a Lady who is a true Mother then tell me this:

What REAL Mother uses raw street gutter profanity not only in front of her children but at all? Does this warrant the same respect that a woman of class should get?

This Prostitute Might Be Someone's Mother!

What REAL Mother would present herself in public as a cheap plaything to cater to the sexual fetishes of any and every man who lays eyes on her with her damn titties hanging out and her ass showcased as two loaves of available lust for sale that might catch a horny man in heat to help pay the light bill or get a ride from in his car occasionally? Does she get the same level of respect that a Lady does who carries herself in a dignified manner like the Queen that she is?

Sure, the dignified Lady can be horny just like anyone else but she saves it for HER man so that even if her young children happen to accidentally “walk in on” a steamy session of lovemaking because of an unlocked door, at LEAST they know that it’s Mommy and Daddy and not a revolving door of strange men who are there for just one thing!

What REAL Mother would execute more enthusiasm in going to some damn hole in the wall club so that they can shake their ass and trick off for a few dollars than staying home to nurture and teach their children about life through intimate communication and by being an example? You only have the minds of your children but for a small window of opportunity in this day and age and a REAL MOTHER knows this and would NEVER waste such limited time to go out to engage in an activity that does nothing to elevate her standing in the eyes of her children, community and world. So you mean to tell me that THIS TYPE of lowdown no moral having chick deserves the respect that a REAL MOTHER should get?

While all REAL Mothers deserve respect and honor for being just that, know that it takes a lot more to being a true Mother than having a baby!

So if you think that by merely pushing out a child after feeling some intense pain makes you are Real Mother, then consider my a top Biologist because I just came out of the bathroom after moments earlier pushing out a load of feces that was a bit painful because of the constipating foods that I pigged out on yesterday at the all you can eat buffet!

Pushing out human tissue doesn’t grant you the inner qualities that a REAL Mother possesses just the same that I don’t deserve to receive that degree in Biology instantly after making a huge pile of shit in the bowl!

True Mothers exude class, culture, decency, majesty, wisdom etc., and are not out here half naked with nasty mouths that would shame the most seasoned of sailors!

Michelle Obama Is A Very Good Mother

This is why you are DOOMED TO ETERNAL HELLFIRE if you EVER refer to one of Gods TRUE MOTHERS that was so excellently crafted by His omnipotent hand to flower the Earth with everlasting life as a bitch.

But you know what the funny thing is with that word? If you really look into the true meaning of that word, you will begin to understand when you see the lowdown variety of a common woman out here in the streets, “bitch just might be a word that she probably isn’t even good enough to be referred to!

How can I say such a thing? Well a bitch is a female dog, and out of ALL of the female dogs that I have seen, they have stuck with their young to protect them, feed them and rear them in a manner that would give them the best shot at surviving this oftentimes violent world. These “bitches” always maintained a hedge of protection around their young and any threat to their well being or health would immediately know that their life would cease to end if they even THOUGHT about brining harm to their young!


But for those of you hoochies who call the righteous women amongst you bitches, know that a real “bitch” in nature would NEVER forsake their young because of some stray male dog in heat that wanted to climb on for a quick testicular relief session and then jump right off never to be been ever again!

You would rather leave your underage kids at home with no supervision while you go out man-hunting with your girlfriends not caring if they are at the mercy of a sexual predator that studied your careless and reckless movements for too long to now go on in for the kill. That dog out there in the street or the field would NEVER do that but you, the hoochie mama who plopped out a kid that you never really wanted would.

So do NOT tell me that ALL women deserve the same respect as a Mother merely because they have children, because we do not know the circumstances involved in their personal life OR their priorities when it comes to their conviction to raised her children to their fullest God given potential!

Props to the hoochies-mamas? heck no! Because they are totally incapable of doing the necessary things that is protocol in the divine workings of nature.

You earn it righteously or don’t expect it at ALL!

Just my two cents.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Bold, Raw & Uncut Brother,

LanceScurv 407.590.0755407.590.0755





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