It must be made clear that our babies are being targeted and the paper thin engineered world of entertainment just seems to blow it off as though it is nothing to be concerned about! Both Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union don’t seem to have an issue with the possibility of their children to be raised up in a confused manner sexually. It shouldn’t surprise anyone since to maintain being a star in this luciferian order named Hollywood one must sign off on all of the decadence that it aggressively promotes.

We truly have to be careful when you admire that talent that these so called stars share because we just might be open to absorbing the ideologies that are well hidden and not to be revealed until the opportune time to influence the young. Children haven’t a clue as to what adult sexuality is all about and I think that it is a very sick mind that could really consider “prioritizing” something that has nothing to do with helping our children to learn the basic education that they need to navigate this life.

How did the gay agenda jump to the front of the line over the very real struggle that Black have been locked into ever since we found ourselves up under this system of White Supremacy!
Listen to the truths that Sister Terri brings and the special way that she always brings it! Please leave your perspectives in the comment section below! Enjoy!

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  • You’re so right about Gabrielle Union and Alicia Keys, the sad part is that so many clueless fans will accept their perspectives as the gospel truth and help to alter the psyche of the masses to embrace all types of strange decadent Luciferian philosophies by attempting to make these deadly lifestyles appear harmless.

  • Dee Reuben says:

    All I will comment and say is Obviously Gabrielle Union and Alicia Keys are obviously appeasing they’re handlers.. Tick box… Performed “G/mafia agenda…

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