This Masterpiece Of A Mess That Has Been My Life!

As the years go by in ones life you begin to really think about what is important and what is irrelevant and a waste of time. You see how so many friends are gone and have passed away. You think about how they lived their life and how many of the things that ever mattered to them really wasn’t that important at all. The petty grievances, the rivalries, the pet peeves and the things that angered them had such a hold on their lives that they really never had the chance to EVER experience life at all!

This is a very sad thing indeed!

So using this as an example, I am now more than ever before sizing up my own life to see what it is that I can do to improve it to rise up to the standards of what God has desired for me when He blessed me with the gift of life.

When you really think about it, although this life is a great gift it is also a very complicated puzzle if we shun divine guidance and attempt to navigate through it all on our own under our own power. After a time we will surely find out that this is a foolish endeavor indeed!

When we feel as though we can do it on our own that in itself is the beginning of the end. The fact of the matter is that we make our lives more complicated than it was ever supposed to be!

All we ever had to do is to listen to what our God has shown us in divine scripture and follow it to a “tee” and everything will be alright! But we as humans have this thing inside of us that if left unchecked, will always want to go against the grain and do things our way.

Now if you are honest with yourself and looking back on your life you will see that with every regret that you have, it is because you took the matter into your own hands away from what God’s law stated to you and you messed it up all by yourself.

Most of what we consider the regrettable parts of our life could have been avoided if we had merely tested the spirit of those around us, waiting on the validation that comes from God after intense prayer or just utilized the fruits of the spirit and our own sense of discernment that would have navigated us up and away that thing that for many of us STILL annoys us in our heart today.

It didn’t have to go that way but you just HAD to do it on your own.

LanceScurv in New York City

Now as I hit the half century mark in my life, I’ve come full circle to realize that I was the one who jacked up so many years and I was the ONLY one responsible for getting involved in the things that were truly violations and actions that opened doors that should have NEVER been opened! When you step out of the protection that comes from obedience, you automatically open up yourself to face a never ending volley of situations that you weren’t created to deal with on your own!

But you couldn’t tell most of us that when we were so full of our self righteous arrogance that had to be put in check when we were made to see that we can’t do it on our own!

So to truly meditate on my life has been a humbling experience because if I ever thought that I could bring God this masterpiece of a mess and have it be deemed worthy enough to get into the afterlife than I have another thought coming!

That in itself is very frightening because although I may have admitted some of the dirt that I’ve done in this life, it really goes so much deeper than that.

So if it wasn’t for God’s grace I would be a doomed soul indeed!

So this is why I am really into merely submitting to is law at this point because I and not trying to make anything harder for myself anymore than I have already done.

So to that I say at this moment in time, I release my personal battles, my petty grievances, my rivalries, and the pet peeves and the things that have angered me to the always opened hand of our mighty God who will reward me with everlasting life because I have recommitted to heeding His call over my life!

So to affirm in my heart these things really makes my glad because as my eyes have opened a tad more than they were before previously it made me see how blessed I really have been even when I didn’t deserve it.

My submission to him has cleaned out the spiritual filters in my heart to enable me to absorb even more of what I already have as a beautiful life. My health, my home, my beautiful and extremely supportive Queen of a Wife and my ability to reason, think and act according is what so many people have worked hard for on their own and never achieved in this life.

God has given me everything!

So I myself need to sit down somewhere and truly spend the rest of my days thanking Him and keeping my behind obedient because He really didn’t have to do for me what He has done so excellently and in abundance!

Be thankful for you have and praise Him constantly because your life could have gone a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT!

Think not?

…….then sit yourself down in front of the television and watch any news station and tell me what you see!

It’s enough to make you do flip flops, head spins and break dancing moves when you see how blessed you really are!

…….need I say anymore?

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