This Precious Life

I find it so compelling when I see so many of us use our precious limited time to complain about issues that are so trivial while not even realizing that within days, hours or even mere moments, we may not even be alive anymore to see ANY of this life!

Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done

We get so caught up in matters that really don’t matter and won’t even be an issue two months from now and we forget how fragile this life really is! I am not as astute as I should be in my Bible studies as far as being able to quote exact scriptures so I might need your help on this one but I do know that there is a scripture that states something to the effect that our lives are like vapors. Here today, gone tomorrow.

No matter HOW HARD and challenging this life can sometime get do know that no matter what transpires in it that it is still a gift none the less! The negative forces of this world have you thinking that what God has given you to enjoy and to do a work has absolutely NO VALUE and is a disposable worthless commodity!

What a lie!

And while many of you who are reading these words will agree on how priceless life is and how it is to be honored and revered, you still find yourselves not having such a hard time to indulge in activities that are destructive to the very gift you claim to love!
And I must admit, I am including MYSELF in that number so don’t think that I am trying to come off in this writing as though I am “holier than thou” because I have my struggles also and am down here in this world dealing with mine just the same way that you are dealing with yours!

We can thank God for the gift of fresh air to breath but don’t you think it is a slap in the face to your very same loving God when you would rather taint your lungs with cigarette smoke or even WEED?

Not to get off topic, but DON’T even move your mouth to tell me that marijuana is from the earth and therefore good for you to smoke. It’s already proven to dull the senses and I for one believe that when something is smoked or has fire put to it, it is altered biochemically and will affect you in a totally negative manner than if consumed in its natural occurring state. Now, I strongly believe that there is a purpose for EVERY plant, root and leaf that God has created, even marijuana, which I personally believe has a purpose proactively when grown chemically free and boiled into a tea. Just my two cents.

We can thank God for a healthy fully functional body but will clog it up with foods that kill us off and destroy our natural beauty as human beings and in our ignorance we rush to the beauty supply store to find your beauty in a bottle so that the illusion of health can be applied topically while your internal health suffers to the point where NOTHING can replace what was so abused over the period of your lifetime. Our God didn’t mean for it to be this way but we have amnesia when we sit down at the dinner table or the restaurant yet we know what we are doing with every oily salty bite as we whisper under our breath: “A little bit won’t hurt us” or “The slaves ate Soul Food and they did just fine as they didn’t have the ailments that we have today!”

You are totally right when you make that statement about the slaves not having the ailments that we have today! YOU ARE RIGHT! But you know what? While the point that I am making now isn’t about the travesties of slavery or how wrong it was, no, that’s NOT my point here but what I wish to ADD to that sickening statement used to justify poor eating habits is this……..

That same pork eating, fatback sucking, fried up and salted down menu that the slave consumed wasn’t accompanied by such a sedentary existence! The slave didn’t have an automatic traction controlled air conditioned air bag equipped AUTOMOBILE with a ten speaker premium sound system waiting for him/her to take them where ever they wished to go no matter WHAT the weather! They couldn’t stay dry while walking through the woods for MILES getting bitten by mosquitoes and snakes as they did “master’s” bidding! They had to get up early in the morning to work for FREE and all they COULD think about after toiling in the hot sun with NO Gatorade to drink was to get the scraps off of the slave masters table!

While you sit IN your luxurious car to go through the McDonald’s drive-thru!

You ought to be a SHAME of yourself for EVER making a comparison between the slaves life and and the life of luxury that you live right now!

The work they did back in those days and the in shape bodies developed from that same work would put any current athlete’s physique to shame! And how can we even THINK that there is a comparison when most of us don’t even walk a collective five miles in a MONTH and most of those are from the house to the car, the car to the job, the job to the car and from the car back inside!!!! And what do we do when we get inside? Straight to the kitchen and the computer!

This is NOT the type of exertion that our Creator meant for us to indulge in to maintain the glorious bodies that He gifted us with! And no, I am NOT insinuating that slavery was a good thing because that period in our history was absolutely INHUMAN! But we need to get up off of our backsides a lot more than we do if we truly appreciate this precious life!

We say that we will definitely wait on God to bring us OUR EXCLUSIVE MATE yet we sure are giving away “samples” of our loving just like that grinning Chinese man in the shopping mall’s food court handing out samples of General Tso’s or Sesame Chicken to entice one to return to purchase a meal after you got a taste of what it was like! LOL!

Then half of you all get mad when the dude never comes back!

You know y’all need to STOP!

…..’cause some of us go to the mall for a LOT MORE than making a purchase or window shopping as we appear by the way we dress, shimmy and shake like WE are ready to GIVE away some booty to entice one to return with us home so we can give away a “taste” of what it is like!

By the time our poor exclusive mate shows up to claim what is his/hers, there is NOTHING left on the plate to “feast” on that every Tom, Dick (Maybe I should have said Richard, but in this case “Dick is very appropriate, wouldn’t YOU agree?)and Harry (And these days Brenda & Sally) hasn’t already had their fill of!

This life as God gave it to us is precious but an observer wouldn’t know it by the way WE act and carry on!

The sad fact is that when we try to bend the rules and get a little extra on the side no matter WHAT it may be, sex, smoking or gluttony as well as a million other indulgences that are too much to list, we in effect DILUTE the natural joy that comes with the natural pleasures because our “taste buds” are corrupted from consuming the forbidden fruit and our eyes are opened to the wrong things!

It’s NO WONDER why we just can’t seem to enjoy the simple pleasures in this life!

And we have NO ONE ELSE to blame but ourselves!

As they will tell you in church……SIN NO MORE!

This is the only method to somewhat “rehab” oneself off of soul leeching indulgences and build ones life force through the God ordained activities that will NEVER leave you feeling empty, drained and exhausted spiritually!

And you always speak about the “good old days” when in fact THESE DAYS would be the good old days if you would only leave those worldly pleasures alone!

The joys of a good night’s sleep after a hard days work! The joys of a good “clean” healthy meal after coming home tired and ready to rest. The joys of working HARD and feeling your body exert itself, knowing that perfect health is EARNED as clean living will keep one out of the doctor’s office for years to come!

The joys of being in complete submission to God’s laws mentally, physically and spiritually!

To do so would bless you with a surrealistic “glow” of beauty that could NEVER be sold on the mass market in a bottle!

To do so would have you walking in a zone that would let you know what the person next to you in public is going to say before they even open their mouth! Some of you all KNOW what I’m talking about!

By being obedient, “The Holy Spirit” will come to you internally and externally so easily, truly making you to know that once you please the will of God, that “This Precious Life” is only the beginning and a mere taste to what He has in store for us in eternity!

Leave the substitute pleasures of this world alone and lets prepare ourselves to forever get the REAL THING!

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