Those Elusive Breakthroughs Can Sometimes Lurk Off The Beaten Path!

Life is not made to order!

How many of you heard this term expressed by an Elder back in the day?

The funny part is that when we would hear this statement made we usually did not want to hear it because it usually meant that we were not going to get something that we wanted…….and hearing those words made the discomfort that we felt at that moment for not getting our desires satisfied hurt even more like a whip cracking us on our emotional backs mocking us as though we were never going to get what we wanted!

But as we got older an became even more mature, we understood the wisdom in those words and began to embrace the concept of them into our lives wholeheartedly. It taught us the beauty of righteous long suffering in our lives.

There were so many lessons that we were made to absorb whether it was from being told what they were or learning it all by ourselves “the hard way” because we thought that we knew this life better than our fore bearers.

Hopefully, most of us learned how to submit to divine law, because in the end, we do not have the power to “buck” God’s system in the manner in which we can circumvent the limited fragile systems of this world created by mankind.

For some of us it can take an entire lifetime to realize that the best way to live ones life is to totally submit to God’s law. The more
successful of us realize this when we are much younger. Do realize that the word success can mean so many different things to different people as it is defined by too many different sets of standards to list here in this blog article. The man who was illiterate all of his life and couldn’t read feels overwhelmingly successful after reading and comprehending his first book. The woman who was riddled with low self esteem and believed that she was stuck in an abusive relationship feels so successful once she has gained the confidence and belief in herself to leave that poor example of a man alone as her low feelings of self worth in her once seemingly dead end life are sent to new personal heights and levels of high achievement.

But I find sometimes that we can miss our calling or miss our blessing by focusing on the tried and true accepted avenues of achievement while not looking into the more unorthodox ways of achieving our personal and professional self satisfaction or personal bests.

Some of us have greatness in us that many times will never be realized because the systems of this world were not crafted to extract the vast talents and gifts that we were blessed with in great abundance. Those of us who fall into that category often times move through life with such a high level of frustration because our greatness haunts us from within as we absolutely KNOW that we are special but we just never found the vehicle to showcase what we see and feel. This has got to be one of the most tormented feelings in the entire world!

My solution to this?

Seek and find the non traditional ways to manifest what lurks so righteously and plentiful within you. Follow your voice and start from where you are now. No matter how small it may seem or no matter what the people in your midst feel about it you must listen to the inner voice within you that will guide you to unimaginable realities in the near future!

In today’s world the “tried and true” very rigid and narrow but formerly popular ways of making it are just not there anymore and if
you want to ascend to higher ground with your unique talents and abilities you are going to have to he very creative in your approach to showcasing yourself and making your skills desirable to the world directly!

You have to righteously exploit the things about yourself that stand out and be prepared to push yourself beyond the former limits and into the uncharted territory where no man has traveled before! The sad fact of the matter is that very few of us possess the courage to even THINK about going this far, but if you feel you do, there are a few things that you must digest and internalize first…….

You must first understand that YOUR path is a UNIQUE path that is yours and yours alone from the time that you were born until the time of your transition to the next level from this plane of existence.

You must also understand that what God put in you to share with the world as a gift is so much bigger than these minuscule narrow minded systems that man has crudely put into place and can sometime believe that what he has put together is the final word on all things progressive and intellectual when in essence it is NOT!

Respect it but do not fall victim into that way of thinking. You must be the type of person to force the world to rethink itself by being yourself and not trying to “fit” yourself into any narrow category but be so unique that the established institutions of this world are forced to make a NEW category for you and all of those who come behind you who have those same similar but unique traits. In other words…….BE A FIRST!!!

Don’t try to be the “next” anything! Instead be the “best” and only version of YOU! There was never a person liked you who ever lived,
there is NO ONE on the entire planet now who can be a better you than YOU and will NEVER BE another like you ever again after you have moved on!

You are ONE of a kind! A classic! A rare find! Know this and get to working on your unique qualities to make you stand OUT in the crowd instead of killing OFF those unique qualities to fit IN to the crowd! God did not make you to be mediocre and remember that those misguided “well meaning” ushers of mediocrity will help to kill your spirit in a heartbeat by attempting to “prune away” your uniqueness to fit in with the masses and in essence killing off the gift of your natural self to the world!

So you have to make a point of being a “flaming” version of yourself and never be afraid to BE YOURSELF!

I remember a few hours before I was scheduled to address an auditorium full of college students that the events organizer approached me to ask if I needed more time to “brush up” and study for what I was about to say to the students in my presentation. She suggested that if I needed more time to prepare she could recruit another speaker or two to briefly kill a little more time until I felt as though I was ready.

I laughed so hard.

The look on her face was priceless! She was befuddled and couldn’t figure out what tickled me so to the point of laughter. I wanted to
withhold the reason why I laughed so hard just to preserve the moment so that I could soak in such the precious expression that washed across her face. But I had to let the cat out of the bag and let her know that no extra time was needed for me to prepare because I had been with myself all of my life and needed not a second more to “study” myself.

what does this tell you? That in order to receive those breakthroughs you must always be ready and be prepared. walk about the earth in a calm and very alert fashion knowing that this day could be THAT day that your breakthrough reveals itself to you. Always hold on to the state of mind that every good word or great piece of advice or knowledge moves you into a better positioning to capitalize on that opportunity when it comes. You must eat, sleep, breathe and live your goal 24/7 365 days a year relentlessly until the universe picks up on your inner momentum and will yield its powers to you at your disposal. You must convince God how bad you want this and only after He sees your diligence in your pursuit of a righteous goal that HE approves of will He open the floodgates of the universe for you to achieve your goals in His name!

Trust me, the breakthroughs are there for you in abundance, the question is are you willing to synchronize yourself to what is already lurking all around you in overwhelming abundance. Most say that they do but very few step to the plate and knock the ball out of the park successfully. Why do most fail? It’s because they have actually failed to master themselves. There is no one who has risen to the top of their chosen area of expertise who has not unlocked their greatness by not mastering themselves. Just the same way that they have enjoyed the peak of their success by mastering themselves is how they can just as quickly fall from their lofty position on top of their chosen field by neglecting to execute the discipline that brought them there in the first place.

So when praying to your Creator for the revelation of your breakthrough know that there is also an action required of you to putting yourself in the position to receive that breakthrough. How can one hope to be a top tier scientist yet hate to study over and above an average student who does just enough to barely pass his classes? How can one hope to become a top level athlete but hate to go to the gym to train and is constantly putting down the wrongs foods in their body? How can one hope to be a woman or man of God and eventually developing into an earthly example of how to live righteously for the masses of lost people looking to find their way but cannot shake their worldly habits that will bring down any good that they have ever sought to share?

So instead of whining about how it has been so long since you have been striving for you elusive goal that just always seems to be beyond your grasp, don’t think that complaining to the universe and those around you is going to force God’s hand any faster because our timetable is not Gods timetable and He does things when HE deems it necessary but look within and qualify yourself for possibly an even faster breakthrough by showing yourself to be WORTHY of what He has for you down the line.

Trust me, it will be sweeter to receive that breakthrough when you KNOW that you’ve earned it as opposed to receiving just from the mere fact that you have WANTED it! We can “want” a lot of things in our life but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going to get it or that it might be the road that our Creator wants us to take. Put Him in all things that you do and you will NEVER be lead down the wrong path!

You must admit, whenever you took Him OUT OF your life and decision making process, that is when all hell broke loose.

Submit to His will, remain patient and obedient and the wealth and riches of all creation are yours if HE knows that you love Him with every fiber of your being. Do this and be blessed beyond measure and fly higher than you EVER thought you could ever soar!


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