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Does something like this REALLY surprise you when it comes to a person with a character like Tiger Woods?

At this point since the cat was out of the bag about his sense of morality when it came to the scandal with him and all of his sexual liaisons behind the back of his then wife with those countless women, it should have been a forgone conclusion that he is a self serving piece of crap!

Talented? Yes.

Going down in history? Of course!

But the poster boy for what a man should be and a role model? HELL NO!

But, as the message is pushed time and time again to our youth, that money makes up for the lack of character and all accountability, the Tiger Woods money making generator moves on. Even if his absolute best days are behind him, he has too much corporate money behind him backing him up  to shut down the circus now. So the money making enablers who had him waste our time with that damage control based fraudulent apology knew back then that they were only keeping the Tiger Woods brand alive just enough to recoup their investment in a cardboard cutout sham of a male who will one day soon be tossed aside like a shitty piece of used toilet paper once the next up and coming star hits the horizon.

But why should we be so upset of his firing of his very loyal long time (12 years) caddy Steve Williams? Well, I am not really upset but Steve can’t get paid like Tiger’s wife did and I hope that this didn’t come as an unexpected happening to where he wasn’t prepared financially.

Not that I think he is in dire straights but when you get used to a certain lifestyle sometimes we can take it for granted that the money will always be there. Let’s hope he will be okay. But just as I made mention in my graphic illustration, Tiger hates his own Blackness and how can you insult the very God who made you by despising HOW He made you?

No, I am not making this a racial situation because I don’t believe it is, it’s an “ASSHOLE” situation. That’s what Tiger is, because I have heard TOO MANY reputable tales of individuals who have met with him and WORKED with him personally to know that he wants NOTHING to do with his Black Heritage any at all! Imagine? As Black as his Daddy was!

And why is this an issue?

Well, because ANYONE, no matter if you are Asian, White, Indian, Native American or Black who doesn’t feel proud in how they were made by the Creator has a major issue indeed. We are all made in God’s image and if you do not appreciate the uniqueness of who you are in the human family and desire only to be something that you are not doesn’t mean that you will get the respect from those who you think embrace you in your twisted mental state.

You can hang around the cats all day and all night long as a dog and even learn how to meow like them but it doesn’t mean that those same cats will truly embrace you as one of them! Those cats will meow about you behind your back but will only respect you completely when you are proud to be the dog that you were made to be!

But the cats are beautiful and the dogs are beautiful also.

Don’t get it twisted.

To all of those who don’t understand what I am saying it is like this. We in the Black community have always know of those who hated being Black. They despised their skin color and avoided the sunlight as to not get darker and they would do all that they could to alter any indication of their Blackness by rubbing bleaching cream on their skin and straightening their hair to appear like the Caucasian people that they aspired to be. Remember, while slavery is long gone in the original context, the mental conditioning of some of us still remain and has been literally accepted in this society as the norm but never really questioned.

It’s a sickness that is prevalent today but cloaked under the guise of being called other things.

This will take many more hundreds of years to dissipate as it took hundreds of years to saturate the minds of some of us to remain to this very day passed down through the generations. It is what it is but no one wants to seem to talk about it. It doesn’t mean that when a Black woman finds true love in the arms of a White man that she hates herself! No! It doesn’t mean that at all! Although there are some incidents of that being the case as well as vice-versa. There is no way to gauge how widespread it is but the self hate that we absorbed from slavery times as a people is going strong alive and well today and Tiger Woods is one of them!

And if the truth be told, when you have such a major self hating character flaw, this to me indicates that there are other things that need to be dealt with in that person. If you don’t address the maintenance issues in your vehicle in due time then those neglected issues will grow into other major issues that could have been avoided.

In Tiger Woods, those issues weren’t ever dealt with because the main focus from single digit ages was to become the best in the world at what he does, and just like a young Mike Tyson under the tutelage of the infamous boxing guru Cus D’amato, Mikes character flaws were swept under the rug in exchange for the total focus on making him the best fighter in the world and the youngest man ever to win a World Heavyweight Championship.

Sometimes in exchange for the acknowledgment of the masses in your chosen field of excellence you will go deficient in the necessary character traits that are needed for a healthy balanced life and ability to relate in a socially responsible and considerate manner to those who dwell around you in your midst as an equal and a child of God.

But when you weren’t raised in that balanced fashion and are made to feel as though it is all about you as a child, what do you expect will be the case when that same enabled child grows up to a fully grown adult with the traits of an underdeveloped boy? Because THAT’S what Tiger Woods really is when you peel away the vast layers of what this world adorns as celebrity.

Think not?

Just ask Steve Williams.

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