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Harvey Levin, the Executive Producer of the TMZ Hollywood Gossip website has an arrogance that’s offensive beyond measure when it comes to being sensitive to the friends, family and loved ones of the late Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.

Why do I say this?

Well if you heard about or seen the recent headline on the reporting on the death of Marion Barry you would understand why I’m upset!

The title of the article is as follows: “MARION BARRY CRACK MAYOR DEAD AT 78”

…….now check this out, Harvey Levin refuses to even consider taking this repulsive headline down and said so on National Television!


Not only was it a smear to a man who has done so much for Washington D.C. than any other mayor in recent memory, but Marion Barry was a force to be reckoned with in the Civil RIghts Movement and should not have been reduced to his bad choices that come with being a human being.

At the time of this writing, has a petition circulating that has approximately 17,000 signatures that support TMZ/Harvey Levin removing that offensive headline.

Oftentimes we will overlook the smears and character assassinations on our leaders and elite that are executed in such a sly and undetectable manner that still have an effect on how the world views us.

We are reduced to a joke because of this and the worst of the worst and never taken serious on a world stage because of this.

Marion Barry TMZ Headline

The sad part is that some of us fall into the trap of believing these slanted truths and perpetuate them in an ignorant state of mind with just as much enthusiasm as these oppressive forces do.

Heck, we sometimes do their evil work for them and delight in it not realizing that we are hurting ourselves and our images in the long run!

So understand that I will be calling out those who intentionally step on our toes as a people and won’t hesitate to do so no matter who it is!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions below in the comment area and let’s continue this crucial conversation.

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  • Dalane J says:

    He is such a women, TMZ have a lot of ass kissers on his show.

  • Sassy Sauce says:

    Bravo Lance!!

  • * Diamondgirl08 says:

    Harvey “gay” Levin can go straight to hell and take his trash show with
    him. He’s in no position to cast stones because he sure as hell is not
    without sin and that old saying “what goes around comes” is true and when
    the correction comes from the All mighty God he will be begging on his
    knees for forgiveness. and so glad too know I’m not alone with not getting
    involved with the madness of the Holidays, My mom use to tell me all the
    time……” baby, Thanksgiving is everyday, not just one day a year….. So

  • Terrence Ball says:

    Fuck Harvey Levin & his TMZ cronies,I’m not surprised.This mofo has a lot
    of motherfucking nerve.I will always respect Marion Barry #MayorForLife

  • Black Cherubim says:

    I’m from DC and 1 thing Mayor Marion Barry did was give teens summer jobs.
    Far as drugs goes all DC politicians do them.

    One thing I do know is Hitler and many germans hated the Jews because they
    controlled the media. They used the media to hurt everyone but their own
    and that was one reason for such strong nazi propaganda when Hitler got
    into power. He wanted to undo all the propaganda of the jewish owned media.

  • moormagic1 says:

    Harvey knew what he was doing.
    So now this would be a good opportunity for the NAACP, Jesse, Tom Joyner,
    and others to call for a boycott of the sponsors of TMZ. If the NAACP can
    get “Amos & Andy” off the air then what’s stopping them from taking TMZ
    But we all know, that will never happen…..Harvey knew what he was doing.

  • >