To Hell With The Dime A Dozen Booty Popping Video Vixens, Where Are The Nora Ephron’s In Our Community?

Upon awakening yesterday morning I was greeted with the sad news of the passing of yet another accomplished individual in the person of Nora Ephron, while she was truly a talented soul who wore many hats as a Oscar nominated screenwriter, movie director, novelist, playwright, journalist and essayist, I began to think about the lives that she has touched through her creative endeavors and know that she has touched many lives and will continue to affect the lives of others who have yet to meet her through her work.

While it is a sad loss to see such a productive person of value with so much to offer leave us, it made me think of how many of us never have acknowledged the talented amongst us until they are long dead and gone.

Nora Ephron

In the Black community we are so far behind in our appreciation for those creative souls who are not rappers, video vixens or actors whose souls have been sold out to creating a legacy of trash. What we collectively have forgotten is that it is the playwrights, the writers, the artists and the expressions of those who utilize the right side of their brain more are usually the motivators to a world that may not see things within it in such a unique manner.

Let me explain…….

The creative types think outside of the box of what is usually accepted unchallenged by the masses as reality. They see reality differently and have the powerful ability to open the door to an alternate way of thinking for the masses that can sometimes be a threat to the powers that be. This is why when you have an oppressive regime who want to control the masses the first thing that they will do is to limit independent thought and expression. Artists, song, visual expressions etc. that do not agree with the propaganda that is being pulled down over the eyes of the people will be totally discredited if not covertly infiltrated and destroyed completely.

Have you ever witnessed a youngster who may be having trouble in school with their grades because they have some difficulty retaining their lessons who at the same time can memorize every single word and syllable in a rap song without missing a beat? Well this is the power of the creative media and how lethal it is on the human mind. It has the power to leverage whole revolutions unseen as it joins together the crucial forces in a manner that typical linear thinking fails to do each and every time.

If only we as the creative forces knew the power we have and if only the masses in our community would respect us and support us we could change our world literally overnight! But our oppressors have learned the power of our various creative mediums also and have purposely infiltrated what we enjoy as a culture that is laced with THEIR poisonous commands to affect our world. We then unknowingly suck this false concoction down that’s masquerading behind the Trojan horse and facade of our culture to kill us off wholesale, yet when the blame game begins they are nowhere to be found.

How is it that we as a people can act out so foolishly and consistently and not think that it is not part of a bigger plan?

In the wicked order of this hijacked world, the thinking goes that for someone to be “up”, someone else has to be “down”. As long as we do not become aware that everything that sounds good and looks good “ain’t” good then we will continue on our downward spiral into nothingness when as the downtrodden human beings that we so shamefully become that GREATNESS is written into our D.N.A!

We need to support and sponsor those creative right brain thinking souls who speak a message of righteousness and empowerment to us and reject the covert poison that is fed to us wholesale from these severely compromised artists who have sold their souls for money, sex and fame. As the artists go, so do we. This is the power of the creative mind and this is why WE need to find OUR Nora Ephron’s and bring them to the helm of our struggle in order to change the current tide of buffoonery from one of a certain destruction into a mission of God centered living, family, community and economic development!

But we can never accomplish this goal as long as we allow the arts to be banished at the grass roots levels in our schools and institutions of higher learning. Why is it that when programs are cut and budgets are trimmed in the public school systems across this country that the first programs to go are always the arts? You want to know why? I’ll tell you why! It’s because without the outlet to channel our creative higher vibrations that we so excellently master, it will be so much easier to keep us in check and have us “fall in line” with an agenda that keeps us as a tool to serve a system that has become a massive transgression against the will of God!

We say here in America that we are a God fearing nation yet we allow every foul and wicked spirit to set up shop here and never move our mouth to speak out against it! As far as I am concerned, if you want to check the health of ANY society, then sample what that society indulges in on an entertainment level. When you see decent family friendly empowering choices placed before the people to enjoy, then you know that the culture in question is in a healthy state of being.

Bria Myles

But when you see nothing offered except buffoonery, murder, freakish immoral sex and every thing that is opposite to the fruits of the spirit being pushed down the throats of the people then know that we as humans emulate the things that we see. It’s almost as sick as taking a bath in muddy bath water and expecting to come out so clean and fresh! It just “ain’t” going to happen!

To many of us have falsely come to believe that when it is said that one should be a mover and a shaker that it involves use of their ass!

How far from the truth has our understanding gone?

So rest in peace Ms. Nora Ephron, I see what you have done for ALL people of this world through your creative endeavors and I sure wish that others have been inspired by your brief but effective presence here on this planet and follow through to affect those in their world the way you have done in ours.No matter what your religious denomination was it doesn’t matter because we ALL were created by the same loving God and now that you have taken that step in passing over to the next level I am quite sure our Father will say to you: “Job well done!”

To much time has been spent following a world that is leading everyone into hell, it’s up to us who can manifest that creative magic to have some kind of moral backbone to refuse the compromising trinkets of this world to sacrifice themselves and their time to create a momentum that will ripple through the planet BEYOND their lifetime. I for one have dedicated my life to this and DARE anyone else out here to do the same!

I mean that and will always stand by that word!


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Adrienne Robinson
July 14, 2012 7:16 PM

Thi is so truw. The young people are so far gone, they bleive everything they see and hear for the most part. They are not interesing in the past. so it is a uphill battle.

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