The more you know Sister Lasea75 The Black Unicorn is the more you will appreciate her as not only the successful businesswoman but also as a positive force that has inspired so many as well as a friend. In the relatively short time she has lived in Ghana she has accomplished so much and has done what so many others before her have not accomplished before.

She is not just one who talks the talk but she 100% of the time walks the walk.

She has done business in other countries which is an accomplishment in itself because when you do business outside of your birthplace you also have to adapt to the culture that you now reside in. While all humans have the same basic needs the actual society that they live in has its own unique ways of communication. So not only do you have to master the ways of business in a strange new land you also have to understand the manner in which other cultures communicate.

So to do this all over again in Ghana in such an expedited manner is nothing short of phenomenal. But one of the several attributes that I have seen her execute with my own eyes is her attention to detail and her telling you straight what it is without any deception whatsoever. The Black Unicorn is one of the straightest shooters that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing and if you have any issues with her I will always lean toward favoring her side of the story.

Her character speaks for itself and I fully support any and all of her endeavors as well as taking her as my adopted Sister. Even in this very short video clip, she has shared so much that couldn’t have been extracted out of the book or by watching a video in echoing the words of someone else. It comes from experience and an intense talent to absorb and communicate to make sure that all who do business with her are on the same page.

So it is very much in honor that she has given me access into such a phenomenal business mind, for that I am forever grateful. But while she is the ultimate business woman it is wrapped in a very approachable persona always with that bubbly smile. So on this pleasant sunny afternoon in the Osu area of Accra, Ghana, she took the time out of her very busy schedule to share with the world a few tips on what to look out for in the process of acquiring land in Ghana.

So I hope you reach out to her for all of your needs in acquiring land as she will make the process so much easier because of her attention to detail and willingness to always communicate thoroughly with you.

I wish her and her wonderful partner to whom I’ve had the extreme pleasure of meeting nothing but the best over and above all measure. Her attention to her various crafts are admirable and gives me extreme motivation to be a better me. If we all had motivated and driven positive people like this in our lives it will definitely take us higher to achieve our personal goals that much faster because of her influence.

It was a pleasure that they to touch base it is even more of a pleasure to share the few minutes of this video that is only the beginning of a long friendship that hopefully will benefit us both respectfully. Please feel free to share your perspectives in the comment area below and thank you for spending your precious time with us.



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