Today’s Black Youth Have Absolutely No Reason To Fail!

In the present day more than ever, our Black youth are demonized, scapegoated and vilified long before they even have a fair chance and an even shot at a life that has just as much promise and potential at the core but is snuffed out early on because of the manufactured low expectations that are broadcast daily into the atmosphere.
But can an entire race of young people really be destined to be so bad or could it be that the circumstances surrounding them as well as the environment that they grow up is take some if not all of the blame?

I beg to differ with all who call our young men and women lazy criminal minded low lives who want nothing more than a free handout and will resort to stealing from others because they are incapable of the discipline and focus to succeed in life.

I believe what is even more to blame for the failing status of our Black youth is the fact that we as adults have dropped the ball and are in denial about the mess WE’VE created as we join along singing harder than our oppressors in that doomed chorus of why our kids will never amount to being anything.

Well let me tell you right now that if our youth are not anything, those who speak this rhetoric out of their mouths are simply admitting that they haven’t done anything to MAKE them manifest the seeds of greatness that reside in all of God’s children!

God didn’t create thugs! God didn’t call hookers, bitches and hoes into existence to be that mighty helpmate to stand beside to be honored and cherished by a mighty warrior of a man!

So while many of our own blinded elders have dropped the ball, their neglect to take the time to invest and guide our youth to a higher state of thinking is even more of a crime because when you drop the ball it could always get picked up immediately but some of our elders have simply refused to even PLAY the very serious game of raising up the next generation of us who will lead us in the direction in which they have been groomed.

The biggest complainers in our Black race about how lost and hopeless our youth are were some of the most materialistic money grabbing individuals that you’d ever experience at the expense of the future of their children.

These are the fools who just HAD to keep a brand new car in their garage and wouldn’t be caught dead driving anything more than two years old while their children suffered from having no one to help them with their homework.

These are the same people who you saw LIVE in the church to bring all of their funds to a pimp preacher but failed to invest in paying for an after school activity or a weekend trip to expose the minds of their young ones to something more than what the neighborhood had to offer.

These are some of the same people who spent a lifetime leapfrogging from bedroom to bedroom, fling to affair and relationship to relationship to ignore the emotional toll that it took on the only unconditional love that they would ever experience but sought out in another adult who merely used them for their freakish pleasures.

How many young adults walk with a severe pain in their heart knowing that the burning crotch of their Mother or Father was deemed more important than taking the time to nurture their lonely hearts before being pushed out into a world that appeared to have absolutely no love in it?

…….and you wonder why our youth act the way they do and want nothing to do with those who ignored them in their formative years?

We have to admit that as adults we were the reason those seeds of negativity, abandonment and hopelessness reign so strong in our communities today and half of us will reap what we have sowed into our youth by being just as ignored and avoided in our twilight years as was done to them when they truly needed us!


So instead of echoing the propaganda that is blasted over the airwaves to cement the idea that our Black youth are hell bound no matter what we do and have the DNA of failure no matter what is done to nurture them, let us take that same energy and invest in them and put our money where our mouth is.

Leave the damn titty bar alone! Leave the liquor alone! Leave the next woman’s husband alone as these are forms of escapism and will only cause the next generation of us to continue this lifeless trend because the fruit never falls too far from the tree as this is all they’ve know all of their lives.

Our neighborhoods have landscapes that are dotted with the very profitable businesses of others who would never invest in us as they’ve invested in leeching the dollars out of our community. Even some of our own people are no good for us as they only seek to squeeze that last penny out of us before going back to the affluent side of town where they laugh at our ignorant ways just as hard as our oppressor.

Support nothing that doesn’t strengthen our youth because at the end of the day THEY are all we really ever have! They are the vehicles that will project US into the future and if we can’t pour our total being into them then we sure as hell are DOOMED TO HELL in this life as well as in the afterlife!

You don’t have to be rich to teach a child the qualities of character, trustworthiness, discipline, hard work, sacrifice and long suffering toward a righteous goal. Fads may come and go but PRINCIPLES NEVER DIE!

Let us groom our youth to be the world conquerors and saviors that they were prophesied to be before the time runs out because whether the world knows it or not, as goes the Black Nation, so goes the entire world! This is divine and our total destruction as a planet will come about because of how we treat the despised people amongst us. As a parent or guardian over the clean slate of a mind that resides in our children, don’t be guilty of contributing to their demise as YOU will be held responsible in the end!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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