Too Many Black People Will Brag About Their Debts Faster Than Their Ability To Stay Out Of It!

Why is it that Black people love to brag about being in debt? Why do we always try to upstage each other when we speak of the price of our purchases even though we find that a much better price was available elsewhere?

Now of COURSE I know that it is not Black people alone who possess this type of foolish thinking, and I doubt that there will ever be an accurate survey or poll conducted to back up my claims but I think it is quite evident that we as a people should NOT have this type of stigma hanging over our heads when our actual collective net worth is far below what it should be when you see how powerful our spending power is.

“Man I paid 72,000 dollars for that Infiniti truck and I’m still going slap some rims on it that cost no less than 8,000 dollars!”

…….but what he didn’t tell you was that his lights were cut off at his home for the last two months due to non payment while eating noodles to make it through and telling everyone that the reason why he lost so much weight was because he started working out at home!

“Girl! I spend over 3,000 dollars on everything that will have me looking good for that Prince concert this weekend because NO ONE is going to look better than me when I walk through those doors! Child! You watch! Prince himSELF is going to step right off the stage and end the concert right there when he proposes to me in front of the world! Now let me go on now and make this appointment fo’ this weave! That’s another 800 dollars on top of the 3,000!

…….but what she didn’t tell you is that her 3 hungry malnourished kids have been living off of Little Debbie cakes and 3 for $1 boxes of Macaroni and Cheese for the last month and will be crying out in hunger as their mother steps out of the house that night for the Prince concert looking like a million ghetto bucks!

And yes, I know that this isn’t all Black people or ONLY Black people but the only reason why I focused on them so much is because driving the bus everyday through many of the Black communities here in Orlando that type of thinking is literally rubbed in my face daily and I just can’t keep quiet about it!

See, we are so anxious to outdo everyone around us when it comes to the ability to accrue of all things material as though it really speaks of of character in the manner of being something larger than life or greater than average!

With many Black people that are especially at the bottom of the barrel as far as their assets and finances, it appears to me that they are the ones who want to wear their wealth on their sleeve for the world to see! Even if it had to be purchased with their rent money they are going to show themselves off by any means necessary!

Fat Ghetto Chick

Now I do understand that it is not only the downtrodden who go through this type of issue because I happen to know of a few millionaire women here in Central Florida who try to outdo each other even though they are set financially for the rest of their lives and they are not even Black! They are White! So this is not only a Black phenomenon but when it comes to us on ANY level, we seem to do it in a way that many just can’t keep up with!

But why is this?

It seems as though we have some type of deficiency in our makeup and feel compelled to make up for it by draining our bank accounts or debit cards. It seems as though our scars of low self esteem run so deeply that nothing other than an external show of shallow temporary purchases will suffice.

This is why the real holiday that many ignorant Black people celebrate is not Christmas but the time of the year when it’s time to file our taxes! Yes! Tax return time is the REAL Christmas time for the ignorant of Black people! We wait all year to get this meager amount of money extracted from these low paying jobs.

So since we do not seem to have any hope with the miniscule amounts earned or feel that or scholastic levels are up to par, we take the easiest route and play pretend for the amount of time that we can get away with it until the bottom falls out from the facade.

So we play these dangerous games with our money and our time to appear as something that we are not.

So here we are not searching for the best deal on an item that we DON’T need, but we want to spend the most on the item so that we can appear to “have it that way” in the area of excessive disposal riches that we can blow like that since we have so much.

Fools to say the least!

We must really look like imbeciles puffing out our chests as we flaunt the toys that the rich have moved on from but we keep alive like that poor family wearing the tattered worn hand me downs that were the hot fashion five years ago.

When most of us started carrying cell phones we did so imagining ourselves to be those rich White executives that we saw using them when we couldn’t even afford them. We are like this on so many levels and are wasting our time not knowing that we are living an illusionary existence until the reality of our life comes to hit us in the head very hard.

And this is in every area of our lives that we carry this spirit of outward excesses at the expense of our true responsibilities. It’s a hindrance to our ascension into a higher level of knowledge because we are so caught up in creating an image instead of being people of true substance.

This will be the thing that breaks us as a people and will continue our downward spiral into this type of buffoonary until we are banished and having any chance of ever manifesting our dormant greatness forevermore.

The choice is yours.

Create a legacy that will stand the test of time and last beyond your life well into the subsequent generations that will carry your efforts on or create a temporary display that is as effective as a cardboard cutout that won’t last until that paycheck, welfare check or tax return check runs out and pushes you back into the sad reality that you so despise but don’t have the balls to do the right thing in abandoning those bad choices and actions.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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Nick McNeal
Nick McNeal
October 24, 2012 8:09 PM

This a joke, right?

October 16, 2012 3:30 PM

This goes to show how damaged and ignorant the average "Black Mind" is. There's a real problem with our self esteem

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