Total Acceptance: A Few Quick Thoughts Before Retiring From Lance Scurv

Worth more than sharing a monetary fortune with someone is the act of accepting someone for who they are 100% & allowing them to open up without being judgmental or attempting to put them into a box of who you “think” they should be. Society does enough of this. Being an emotional safe haven for someone is one of the greatest expressions of true love.

Double – The Captain of Her Heart

Just because a person has become an adult does not mean that they are shielded from the pains, fears, insecurities and discomforts of ones past. We all still have that inner child inside of us that needs to be hugged and adored. That need never stops. We all need to dismantle the shields that we have constructed out of the need for the defense on the assaults on our person that have become all to common and so easily overlooked. Let’s not grin and bear it anymore. Hold someones hand and give them love and time even if they seem as though they want to reject your approach. Most often the rejection is a test to see if your gesture of love is sincere.

While we cannot actually control the actions of another to stop them from attempting to hurt us, we do have the power to keep these emotionally sadistic entities out of our private space and if for any reason they try to play on your kind heart to make you feel as thought they “need” you to live, know that this is a trick to keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of co-dependency. Any friend or person involved in a relationship with you will always desire for you to continually grow and be enabled to be totally independent, not be threatened by it…….

Understand that your progressive path must never be put on the shelf for anyone! How sad a feeling it is when you realize that the person that you put your life on hold for is gone and off to another stint of a “new” so called relationship …that’s doomed to fail after the sensationalistic high is over while you could have acquired that much desired college degree, a down payment on your dream home or just having a sense of self that their exit has caused you to lose. Always do you! We all will sometimes give that 90% while our mate may give that 10%. but when it becomes a habit, then it is time to reevaluate!

Too many of us are existing on a plane of being “functionally hurt”, strong enough to go about our days with a plastic smile that hides the pain and those in stock knee jerk reaction of a reply that almost always expresses that everything i…s fine and that all is well. This is why we all must have someone to really talk to. Our sanity depends on it. Someone that really makes us sincerely feel beautiful even if we feel a little overweight. Someone to whom we can tell our deepest darkest desires and being reassured that there is nothing about us that is abnormal (As long as it does not involve illegal activity, molestation of children or forcing someone into something against their will).

Our God has provided everything that we need right here on this earth in our midst not only for our physical sustanence, but for our spiritual and mental well being as well. It’s just that most often we have not ever been taught how to extract the knowledge that lays so abundantly in our midst. Many of us feel that knowledge can only be found in a book. Understand that the book knowledge is merely a documentation of the wisdom that flows so freely in creation that is in constant action for all of us to observe. We have not been taught to become more intuitive to “see” what is around is on a deeper level. If we did so our daily walk would be so chock full of lessons if we ever knew how to absorb the lessons of life around us that transpire for us to learn from!

In closing, know that I am honored to be of help to anyone who reads these words, I will flow as the words hit me and share them in live time as they come. Nothing hidden. This is how I will construct my new blogs and look for this collection of free flowing words to always be put on my site as a blog. I will also take suggestions for any topic that you may want me to meditate on.

Do know that it is not that I feel that I am all knowing or think that I’m some kind of guru or anything. It’s just that it will take my expressions to a deeper level when I know that I am speaking something that is relevant to someone more so than the random subject matter that I choose to speak on…….

It’s better and more effective if I put it out there as it comes to me!

Let me hear from you…….

Lance Scurv

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