Total Damnation & The End Of The Road For Spermin’ Herman, But Forgiveness & A Blooming Campaign For Freaky Newt!

It’s amazing to me to observe how the rules are bent for some and enforced above and beyond for others, but after living almost half a century in this society that encompasses all things American, should I really be surprised?

No, this isn’t another “angry Black man pissed off at the system” type of article, I wouldn’t waste my time on a Negro like Herman Cain defending him in such a manner, but it is a commentary on how imbalanced the relentless power brokers and gullible citizens of this society can be.

Herman Cain Sex Scandal

In my humble opinion Spermin’ Herman Cain was supposed to be the Obama roadblock that would temporarily be able to go where no Republican has gone before in order to do the dirty work for them before being discarded and disposed of so that the real business of government at hand can move on without getting their mitts smeared.

But something happened along the way where Herman Cain didn’t play by the rules and read from the script given to him.

Winning the Florida Straw Poll was a wake up call

Like that young emboldened actor who instinctively read from his soul after throwing down the boring script given to him by the rigid dinosaurs to whom he mentored under in order to gain valuable experience on the live stage as an actor, Herman Cain forgot his role in this campaign to brazenly jump off of the lap of his old white ventriloquist masters to speak from the heart like a talented rapper doing a free style spit.

Willie Tyler and Lester The Ventriloquist Dummy

He seemed to believe in himself and this arrogant impromptu scene just wasn’t written in the script.

At least it wasn’t written in this play of politics for HIM because he was supposed to be the token Black mannequin to fool the public into thinking that the Republican party had grown beyond their reputation of being a non inclusive clique of affluent country clubbers whose membership wasn’t open to anything that didn’t possess their strict requirements of pedigree.

The GOP has learned its lesson and the 2016 Presidential campaign they will probably have a Photoshopped cardboard cutout of some blue collar working Joe of a Black dude that they slipped a few bucks to at some nondescript hick town truck stop just to have the rights to his image.

But a cardboard cutout wouldn’t fall as fast as the well executed covert character assassination that transpired right in front of our very eyes via your favorite news reporting network.

And while I must stress that I could care less for a man who in one of his well broadcasted displays of subservient tap dancing verbal Uncle Tom reassurances for his “Massa” claimed that he didn’t feel as though racism in America wasn’t as much of a force as people claim it to be.

How could I care for someone who by his own account has “made it” yet has literally has rubbed his so called success in the faces of those who look like him by stating that most Blacks are brainwashed and undisciplined? Who the hell is HE to say something as untrue as that? Imagine? I guess he was attempting to take the heat off of his OWN Black ass (Yes, Herman, I know that the thought of your ass being Black just kills you!) because the world is finding out that YOU are brainwashed and undisciplined!

While you were holed up in the house like the coward you are peeking out of the window and scared to death of those same White racists to whom you’ve defended endlessly in the current day as you kept their boots clean and spit shined after the licking you gave them, there were those of us who were brainwashed enough and undisciplined enough to endure the water hoses, beating, lynchings and police dogs that you never saw and REFUSED to acknowledge at least weren’t afraid to put our necks out on the line for the freedoms that YOU enjoy today.

Racism doesn’t exist? I wonder why YOU have Secret Service protection? It couldn’t be because he is Black! Naaawwwww!

Another point that I want to make is that NO married man pays a woman’s rent for her unbeknownst to his wife Gloria because they are just friends. If they were just friends then why didn’t his wife just find out about his “friendship” was Ginger White this past Monday as the story broke all over the media? Are “secret friendships” acceptable for married men and would you ladies approve of such an arrangement? I think not.

Gloria Cain

So what was it about Herman Cain’s friendship and what was it based on that prompted him to keep it secret for so many years and how come Ginger White received regular help from a man who has an excellent reputation for his efficient handling of finances?

I guess he figured his payments to her where justified because I’m quite sure she was not perpetually broke and probably had SOMETHING redeemable and of a sizable value for him to dig into his pockets and just GIVE her all of that “help!”

Ginger White

I can just see old Herman romancing Ginger secretly behind closed doors singing the Babyface hit “Soon As I Get Home”…….

…….well he DID pay her rent didn’t he?

Case closed.

To put it bluntly for those in denial, Herman Cain paid up quickly ’cause he was hitting those skins that she so amply displayed with those form fitting tights that she had on when she spoke to the media wearing that sad face that was one of the worst acting jobs this side of Monica Lewinsky! Trust me, Ginger White would have been the current day Monica Lewinsky if Herman Cain made it all the way to the White House ’cause he has the ego big enough to not want to be outdone by the infamous Bill Clinton himself!

Monica Lewinsky & Bill Clinton

But let’s put this thing in perspective…….

Herman Cain in my opinion is guilty of at least the Ginger White situation because it was just too shady. But keep in mind nothing concrete has come out as of yet but I believe he suspended his campaign just in the nick of time before any further evidence surfaced as the goal of the shadow power brokers was to get him OUT of the race in the first place. They knew that he would not “behave” as the trained puppy that he was supposed to be and try to make a name for himself by not following the script laid out in front of him if he were to become the President Of The United States.


But look at Newt Gingrich, here is a man with a rap sheet in the philandering department that was longer than Octo-mom’s grocery shopping list yet he is forgiven by the masses and even looked up to as a man of character for facing his indiscretions and asking for forgiveness.

Give me a break.

His asking for forgiveness is like a crackhead stating that he has a drug problem and needs special help when he was caught in the alleyway puffing away on his crack pipe enjoying each brain-gasm inducing inhalation of that  crack rock of death.

Newt Gingrich

He HAD no choice but to face up to things but the bad part is when a Black man is caught up in a scandal it is political suicide but when a white man gets caught with his penis checking the tonsils of a young sexy woman because he is concerned over the state of her health he gets silenced for a while only to get exhumed as though the indiscretion never happened and repackage with a new lease on life!

Here are a few to think about that prove my point, Google them in various ways with the word “scandal.”

Bill Clinton

Rep. Barney Frank

Sen. David Vitter

Sen. Edward Kennedy

Rep. John Murtha

Rep. Gerry Studds

Sen. John McCain

Need I say more? Trust me, there are a whole lot more out there and even more so that haven’t gotten caught yet, it’s the nature of the business when you are in American politics. Spermin’ Herman Cain should have understood this and knew that Black politicians just don’t have it as easy as the elected officials who happen to be White.

I’m not rabble-rousing, I’m just merely telling the truth.




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