Touch Not My Religion! – Brother Keston

Brother Keston truly upset those who are happily living in the shackles of a religious Matrix that keeps them in denial because of the blatant falsehoods that the offended are still determined to hold on to!

But if the truth be told it was one of the most compelling verbal and heartfelt conversations that we’ve enjoyed in a very long time! One shocking fact about this particular episode is that it lasted for 8 hours and 23 minutes and any 3 minute slice of this show that one would sample would be just as sweet as any other.

The reason? Well, I have to be honest in stating that the dialogue on this night contained pound for pound some of the most intense nuggets of shared wisdom that I seen in a while and the passion for righteous truth was unparalleled. This was a classic that you need to take the time to listen to when you have the time to lay back and absorb it all. It was that good!

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