Brother Scurv shares his perspectives on how to handle toxic people who specialize in destroying your happiness. There are a vast amount of spiritual planes in which these entities travel in order to carry out their wicked mission of death, destruction and domination.

Anyone can drive a vehicle down a street.

Anyone can walk down a street.

The street is not good nor bad and doesn’t have any effect on the person utilizing the street to move about the city.

Therefore, the word “spiritual” does not always mean that the entity traveling along those unseen planes is of a good positive vibration but simply the common frequencies that are accessible to all. DEMONS navigate and infest the spiritual planes and can easily mask themselves under the banner of a being good spiritual being.

So be diligent!

Be aware!

Be determined to maintain your energy and peace of mind to fulfill your destiny and manifest the seeds of greatness that have been so strategically placed deep within you to sprout out a special goodness to the world as the gift that you are!

Please share your perspectives in the comment area below so that we can take our positive vibrations to the mighty higher echelons that await us.

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