The Tragedy Of Living According To The Fear & Limitations Of Others!

We are taught fear and limitation in this divinely disconnected worldly system from the day that we were born.

This is a way to keep us moving about under a very limited hierarchy that will always control us as long as we readily accept their daily dose of fear.

When you are afraid you will never live up to and beyond this thing called potential.


Yes, I strongly believe that “potential” is someone else’s assessment of what they think we’ll achieve in subsequent accomplishments but not necessarily a far assessment because it may be in our DNA to go even further.

Many of us live in a world of limitation and we must mentally struggle with the parameters of those who have lived before us and we measure what we could possibly do against what they have already done. I feel that it is a crime to attach ourselves to what was already said and done as opposed to the unlimited reach that we have from within.

There is no time limit on success. The person who reached their measure of worldly success in 10 years probably cannot tell you how to replicate their level of achievement in 2 months.

While we can learn from those who have come before us we should never follow their timeline because our trajectory and path in this life is unique and not even attached to our personal shortsightedness much less the limitations of another. 

The Tragedy Of Living According To The Fear & Limitations Of Others!

I presently am employed as a Bus Operator but I am so much more than that. Many passengers that board my bus who may have the intent of putting me down because of their own lowly feelings of their existence will tell me that I’m ONLY a Bus Driver in an attempt to inflict their feelings of fear and limitation onto my psyche.

The sad part about these petty attacks is that many of us will unsuspectingly accept it as normalcy when encountering them and in essence allow their spectacular seeds of greatness to be killed off long before they even have the opportunity to begin to germinate.

The true beauty of this life is that we can swiftly move following our hearts with a full stride as opposed to the limited and measured steps that others have accepted as the only way to ascend to the highest levels of their existence.

Many who have relegated their lives to this soul crushing “gospel” of limitation will sadly begin to resent the confidence that you have and the infectious belief that you shine so brightly out to the darkened world around you because of the daily grind toward your goals that you so happily embrace.

Many feel that they will simply be “awarded the pristine lives that they’ve always dreamed of be simply “waiting it out” and never striving by utilizing the principles of sacrifice, hard work, planning and research. Their attitude is comparable to a company wage slave who knows that they will receive the first pick of the best days off only because of their seniority which has nothing to do with their efforts.

…….fulfilling our potential it doesn’t work that way. We have to strive for it.

But you need not concern yourself with the slothfulness of others because that in itself is an energy drain that will diminish your personal ascension into manifesting the ever improving best version of you.

It’s sad to say but even when your significant other or good friend lacks the drive or ambition to do better for themselves you’ll have to detach yourself from them to the degree that they will affect your personal focus.

At the end of the day and at the end of your journey here on this planet in your transition, you and only you will be held responsible and accountable for how far you developed yourself according to the deck of potential and seeds of greatness that the Most High has gifted you.

Once the precious time is vaporized it can never be recaptured! Understand this fact and move yourself wisely on the face of this earth knowing that our present and future realities are the end result of the choices that we’ve made.

Strive to be a degree better today than you were yesterday. Immeasurable greatness and success is yours to behold even when those around you claim otherwise. 

You were placed on this planet to shine according to what God placed inside of you and you could never do that If you live a life gripped in the fear and limitations of others.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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