Tranquility And Solitude Come Effortlessly Once Your True Purpose In Life Is Discovered

I was on a short layover earlier today at the Park Promenade at the intersection of Silver Star Road and Hiawassee Road between trips on my bus and my phone rang. Perfect timing I thought, it was an old friend to whom I speak to frequently. As we lost ourselves in the humor of the conversation that included old war stories that we have talked about countless times but never seem to lose it ability to make us laugh, a young man walked up to me to ask me for a transfer that he forgot to get just moments earlier when he exited my bus on my previous trip.

I was taken aback by how rude he was to not even excuse himself for interrupting my conversation but after a while doing this line of work where you deal with the public you somewhat get used to the lack of culture that people in general possess. I remember once not too long ago I asked a young lady if she knew what the meaning of the word “etiquette” was.

Do you know what she told me?

She said that etiquette were an expensive brand of tea crackers that her grandmother used to love. Wow! How can you have proper manners when you don’t even know what the word means?

Well I can see that this young man was sincere or either not thinking so I gave him the transfer anyway. At least he thanked me for doing so but in the meantime my buddy who I was on the phone with told me that he doesn’t know how I deal with the amount of ignorance that I do and still remain so cool.

I joked and told him that I was the real Agent 007 James Bond but I went on to explain that at this point in my life I have found my
purpose and in that realization a type of peace has entered into my life that just wasn’t there before.

It’s true.

And anyone who has found their purpose and their mission in this life are so focused on manifesting it into reality that everything else becomes very much insignificant. What used to be a major deal is now minuscule, irrelevant, not worth wasting too much energy on. When you know what your true God given designated mission is, you just can’t get away from the aimless individuals of the world fast enough to escape into your own delicious silence to bring forth your next (In my case as an expressionist) creation.

When I am in this mindset, which is most of the time, I sure cannot understand why so many people waste their time on some of the things that they do. I can’t come down too hard on them though, because maybe in my immaturity at different times in my life someone else thought this about me too, so I guess it is all relative. But some things have GOT to be viewed as ridiculous no matter what point a person is in their life!

I recently had an acquaintance leave his home about a mile away close to maybe eleven o’clock one night to come outside to the bus stop where I was scheduled to pass through and possibly have a layover for a few minutes just to tell me how many “Facebook friends” he now had on his page! Could you believe that? That has GOT to be the epitome of NOT having a life! As he told me this he had a look of victory on his face as though he had truly accomplished something and that I was probably in his mind going to cry that his number of Facebook friends were higher than mine! OMG! Does this man understand how he comes off? Does he have any kind of life at all? Does HE know his true purpose in this life?

Seems like everyday now on my bus every single young lady is a Nicki Minaj wannabee! I know how impressionable young girls can be but DEAR LORD! The fake voices, the animated gimmicky dialogue designed to get attention and the clothes that are way too tight seem to be all that our young girls are focused on. And the funny part is when there is a new star marketed to death at every turn these youngsters will jump ship to abandon the previous fad and latch on to the new one full force!

You can see obviously how these entities are not at peace and haven’t found their niche nor do they seem to WANT to find it! You can tell by the lack of peace that they have in their demeanor. You can feel it. The agitation. The restlessness. It all comes from not being connected to their past, insecure and uncertain of their present, and clueless as to what the future may bring. This is not only for our youngsters but an overwhelming amount of the adult population too.

When someone has found themselves and what they are put here on this earth to do, there is a tremendous amount of stress that is lifted from that persons being. It’s an epiphany. A knowing. It’s a feeling that lets you know that you are right where you are supposed to be. Not a minute too soon, and not a second too late. It’s an empowered feeling. An emboldened feeling.

A feeling that allows you to be in charge of you destiny and know it at the same time.

You have become one with God as He guides your every movement and you have no problem with that. It’s a great feeling to understand this as it is manifest in your life. It proves itself to me time and time again. Doors will open that were once closed. Ways will be made where there once wasn’t a way there at all. And once you utilize that “way”, you sometimes turn around to see who else is traveling down that same road behind you only to see that there IS no road behind after you just walked down it! Someone out here knows EXACTLY what I am talking about. That peaceful knowing. It keeps you calm when all hell breaks loose around you. It makes you strong when others see no reason for you to be so in times of calamity.

I’ve had times in my life where there were many who predicted a sure doom in a situation that was supposed to bring financial ruin, shame and a limited existence only for the Almighty to sweep down and prove once again that He is the Author of it all and no one is to touch someone to whom He has a plan for. Amazing to say the least. As I look back on my life, even in my foolishness there always seemed to have been a protective hand over it every step of the way. One thing I have to say is that I have never purposely taken advantage of it by purposely putting myself in really bad spots because I knew that I would be covered in protection. No. I never did that. After a while of being shown that God really did exist without a doubt, I began to open up TRULY and look within to extract and share what my God has put inside of me. I also knew that the world as it was wouldn’t be ready for me to put certain things out there in the manner in which I was going to, but so what, it’s not worldly acclaim that I seek, it’s obedience to the One who put me here to do JUST what I’m doing!

So now I utilize every waking moment to share the truths that have been revealed to me in this life hoping that it will ease the discomfort of someone in need who had to hear it the way in which I put it down. You see, I am not coming with anything new under the sun, it’s just that because of my particular packaging, my background, my flair, that maybe someone who wouldn’t listen to a divine message in the normally accepted manner might listen to a person like me who brings it in an unorthodox way.

There is a reason why my life has taken the turns it has, some from foolish choices, and some from divine intervention. But all in all what you can take from this is that when you DO hit that stride and KNOW that you are in your destiny, you are not supposed to half step or apologize to anyone! If the righteous baton has been passed to you then you are to run as hard as you possibly can! And if the naysayers try their best to take you out of your divine mission, know that your God will bless you with a tranquility and solitude that will flow so effortlessly because now you have discovered once and for all your true purpose in this life!

Can I get an “Amen?”

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