True Self Confidence Can Never Be Purchased In A Shopping Mall!

Today I’m in a very laid back and introspective mood to say the least. But then again, when am I not? LOL!

As I relax at home and store up on my mental, physical and spiritual artillery before leaving my humble abode to brave the terrain of the outside world and all of the unknown factors that will cross my path, I couldn’t help but draw strength from the battles of old that I have endured to survive to this point in the present day.

Wow! When I look back over my life – a life in which I feel that I’ve merely touched the tip of the iceberg of my creative potential – I now understand maturity brings about a confidence that no purchase or superficial status in this world could bring.


Confidence comes from within. It comes from conquering ones fears by running right to the very source of your fears to realize that there was nothing to fear in the first place.

When you once again find yourself in the path of what you once feared, its fangs won’t appear as menacing and you can easily render it harmless by a simple glance because you’ve been down that road before.

When you possess true confidence in the fast fading world that it has depreciated into today, you will be honored by some and despised by others.

Get used to it. Those who end up despising you are usually the ones who ran toward you wholeheartedly with open arms to praise you for your accomplishments, yet, once they found that they could not gain a better feeling of themselves merely from an association with you, they will reveal what was truly in their heart along to dwell amongst your devout naysayers.

Those who will always honor you understand that your sense of confidence is well earned and know that even though we aren’t perfect, we have improved our standing in life over the years becoming better each successive year than we ever were before.

Confidence 2

It’s a heck of a thing to carry that inner light of confidence quietly from within, because your glow shines out to the world around you to cause others to self reflect as it stirs up all kinds of hidden insecurities in those who are in your world without your knowledge.

On the other hand it can also inspire others to greater heights of achievements after gaining a boost from being in your space long enough to pick up your positive vibes.

Never apologize verbally or through your actions to anyone for having the belief in yourself that you do.

Understand that our inner light is supposed to grow more intense as we absorb life’s lessons and master this plane of life before it is our time to move on in divine transition.

There will be many who will attempt to make you feel as though your hard earned confidence is actually conceit and make you walk weaker than you are simply to fit in to the lower frequencies of their ever diminishing or non existent self esteem.

Your sense of confidence is the legal right given to you by a divine order to know that you are equipped to conquer higher challenges because without it you will be like the masses who know better but are too timid to face and accept the challenge to be better in their lives.

Confidence 3

So never feel as though the trust that you have in your skills is something that you need to dumb down in order to fit in someone else’s narrow existence.

If anyone comes at you in this manner then you need to banish them from your world completely and without restraint!

You have worlds to conquer on this level and every ounce of strength that you have is needed to accomplish the impossible and the time that you have to do so is limited.

You know, this world is ass backwards when I see how many of us put our energies into the wrong endeavors thinking that by adorning the superficial image will change our characters from within.

When I pass through the shopping malls I see so many individuals using their time there to pretend that they’re something that they’re not only to impress the others who are playing the same game and getting absolutely nothing done.

These are the same individuals who crumble and fall apart when life comes at them in an unexpected way to jolt the very foundation of false principles that they so foolishly and proudly stand on.

When tragedy comes your way and you know who you are and have a relationship with the Creator of all things past, present and future, it can still be difficult but ultimately you know that you will be an overachiever in the end.

Confidence 4

Folks who lack that confidence are the ones who will jump off of rooftops after they catch their mate cheating or allow themselves to be driven to drink and drug it when the finances and current style of living is threatened with no way out.

True self confidence cold never be purchased at the shopping mall. Confidence grows after a time after accruing the victories that let you know deep down inside that you have what it takes!

So what’s the point of getting a new weave, a new car, a new house, a new man, new boobs or any other superficially faddish item that will soon fade in its allure over a short time?

Those things won’t do a damn thing for you when you need the inner strength that only comes from the total subservience to righteous law.

God’s protection and comfort will be there for you when the trying tests come to see how prepared you really are.

So for those who refuse to hear these truths, just continue to live life and realize what will stand and what will fall.

Life is the greatest teacher and time makes sure the lessons are learned.

Earn your confidence the right way or suffer a hard wake up call in a sorry state of affairs.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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