True Substance versus The Superficial, On The Surface, It’s SURE Hard To Tell The Difference!

Never feel that you are not good enough or have anything to offer the world! I have spoken with many Brothers and Sisters about this off the record and was surprised to see how many of us have not the confidence that we falsely exude to the world. Not everyone now, but a greater number than I originally thought.


It’s funny.


We go to the shopping malls and see people appearing so happy and seemingly having it all together,  but if you sometimes sit back and really observe, you will see hints of the insecurities that drive these individuals to work so hard to look like they have it all!


One day at the mall (A place where I very seldom find myself!), I decided that I was going to sit back, grab a corner and study “people” on a deeper level. I was just in one of those introspective moods. One of the things that I have benefited from doing this from time to time was that my art would improve, as well as my ability to communicate with people overall.

One thing I noticed about our people was how preoccupied they were with their “looks” and their “style”.  Some I observed could not take five steps without looking at themselves in the mirror or discreetly attempting to “adjust” something about themselves that they perceived was out of place. Back and forth, up and down. Some came to actually purchase and maybe window shop, but most came there hungry for attention and admiration.

It was very startling the amount of energy given to this fruitless endeavor!

Are we that shallow that we can work so hard to “appear” to be the real thing than actually striving to really “be” the real thing? Is it the truth now these days that our self worth hinges on whether we can accumulate more material goods than the next human being. Our ability to communicate and relate to one another is almost non existent. We hunger for that connection to another human being so badly but are not instructed on how to accomplish this in the dysfunctional programs we watch and the people who we idolize.

What good is “getting yours” when your brother and sister “have not?”

If an individual has nothing to offer us then we shun him/her in pursuit of someone who “has it all together!”

Isn’t that so sad?

What happens when these condescending individuals take a fall in life?

Financial. Or a loss in “status”…….(which to me is actually in the mind anyway!)

Well, sometimes you read about them…suicides are at an all time high. Addictions of all sorts… Sexual addictions…drug addictions…gambling addictions…maybe even a few that your acquaintances may have that you don’t even know about…But when it hits the front page of the paper or ends up in the evening news, we gasp and stare off to the heavens in shock! How could it be? We ask ourselves…they “looked” so happy! Why would they harm themselves or their family? We are so blinded by the lusts and the pursuit of MORE in this world that we cannot even hear the cries of pain in our own families!

We never plan any family time anymore.

We usually spend more collective time at funerals than we do alive with our loved ones. We “happen” to bump into each other in the kitchen late at night, passing each other like strangers. What happened to that good old bonding time? What happen to those lazy saturdays sittin’ on the front stoop sharing our thoughts and dreams, grabbing each passerby for a minute of “juicy talk” before they carried on?

When was the last time you said to someone: “Bring me somethin’ back from the store?”…and gave the money for what you wanted and even gave them extra for “what ever” they wanted? It’s no wonder why we lack the confidence to achieve the most elementary of goals these days. We have boxed ourselves off from the very source of ever abundant confidence: True relations, love, acceptance and connectedness with each other REGARDLESS of what is in our pockets!

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