True Success Is Forever Elusive In This Worldly System Of Personal Surrender!

The system and hierarchy of this world is totally against all Godly principles of independence, success and self development.

While it is possible that you can attain some degree of accomplishment in this system as so many have, the masses of us will undoubtedly walk the treadmill hard all of our lives without ever moving forward into a destiny that this world is diametrically opposed to you ever realizing.

Too many of us are living in a place where our dreams have unknowingly been sucked out of us and shrewdly replaced by a desire to simply make it through yet another day where just to simply survive will feel like a major victory.

Many of us move about the earth as zombies with our true passion and drive to manifest independent success gutted to the core like a piece of Salmon at the fish market that’s being prepared for you to take home to cook for dinner at night.

Zombies - System

Gutted of our true essence and ready to be cooked in this depressing system of surrender.

What do I mean by the system of surrender?

The system of surrender consists of the many orders of the world that are accepted as gospel on our jobs, religious institutions, government hierarchies, media outlets, entertainment power brokers, corporate entities, financial institutions, educational institutions, military branches, housing market and medical industries to name a few.

This list can go on and on but I stated these simply to illustrate how deep this thing can go.

True Success Graphic - System

In order to successfully navigate into these various platforms in the system of surrender, one must give up their individuality and open themselves to a bigger cookie cutter agenda that acts like a puppeteer over these lives that just sold themselves to the devil in exchange for the more guaranteed – in their mind – and secure road to a predictable life.

But is life really secure under this illusion of a system?

It’s actually a gamble where one who has signed the dotted line to enter into the mentality required to play in this system has put their life on the line as collateral to back up the bet on their life in a roll of the dice that they never elected to take.

Your every move will be dictated to you as your true freedom has been snatched.

The biggest deception is that you will feel as though you are in control of your life not knowing that you no longer hold the strings to make your own decisions at all.

You want to go on vacation? You better get permission from your boss.

Panel Interview - System

You discover that you may be ill? Well you are at the mercy of these doctors who just might view your medical predicament as a great opportunity to administer some new type of experimental drug if they can only scared you enough to agree to become a guinea pig.

You work hard and studied endlessly for that degree merely to be told that you are over qualified for a job that is far below your cerebral capacities while those who never even thought about going to school are employed without the massive debt of a student loan hanging over their heads.

You feel that enlisting in the military is a wonderful idea to give back to this country because of the patriotic feeling in your heart only to be crushed when you realize that you are on the front lines defending the corporate interests that have fooled you into advance their agenda for profit because war is great business for the affluent who wouldn’t dare send their kids to battle.

Get the picture?

Iraq Veteran - System

You will never be free in this system and it will always grab those who are naive and make them bitter when they’ve realized that most of their lives they’ve lived a lie.

Well, as I look back on my life I can see why I’ve never really fit in with too many situations as far as the various hierarchies and employment arrangements because I never ever considered giving up on my personal dreams in order to attain the false sense of security from a job or to merely have people around me even though I knew many of them were fake.

I can’t live my life knowing that I was made by such a mighty God while surrendering to a system that thrives on me being afraid to venture out boldly into the world use the seeds of greatness from within to do the great works that will reflect God’s presence in my life.

I know very well the obstacles that one will come across when you are pegged as an outsider because of the undefeated spirit that you possess amongst those who have given up.

Let’s take a job for example, how in the heck are the people who can only see the meager few pennies that they will get in retirement identify with you who think on an entirely different scale and trajectory?


This is important to ponder because you will avoid a lot of frustration in your dealings with the individuals who think in this manner when you can truly understand where they’re coming from.

You have to understand that they have compromised their entire life mission for a mere retirement check and will never think beyond the tight boundaries of a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), and for you to dare to break their miniscule perception of the world by being a conqueror in the making is totally unacceptable.

These same spiritually conquered people will be so quick to spout off how “blessed and highly favored” they are while they silently grin and bear a tortured empty life of blatant mediocrity that would have never come pass if they stood up against the forces that coerce one into a system that lacks a true connection to divine power .

No one wants to realize that they have settled for a life of defeat and your enthusiasm for life, passion to reach and surpass your goals as well as being driven everyday to reach a new level makes these types very uncomfortable indeed.

So do you simply tone down the fires that burn so intensely inside of you or do you understand that where you stand now is only a temporary space that you occupy that will soon be a memory?

Fire - System

Real winners know that it’s the latter statement that holds true.

You have to take the slights and put downs from those who see your uncompromisable spirit as a threat with a grain of salt.

There are some places in this world that are just not meant for you to linger in for very long, your brief time there is to hone you to make you a better person in some way, shape or form for your future endeavors.

Never give up who you truly are and what you believe in, in actuality, it’s all you have.

Once you give up what God instilled inside that makes you so unique, you’ve removed yourselves from any possibility of living life to fullest because you’ve now submitted to the counterfeit system of surrender.

Brazilian Bird - System

The animals of the wild all eat well and they never had to depend on anyone except the God who created them and the only order that they have honored is the one made their Creator.

That being said, how – if we are supposed to be the most advanced creatures walking the face of the earth and made in God’s image – dropping down from heart attacks and being detained in mental institutions because of how we are losing our minds?

If this system of surrender is so good for us then why must we give up our connection to the superior system of God in order to submit to an order that will never do us justice?

You want to really know why?

…….because it’s of the damn devil!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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