Trump Or Hillary 2016: It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins If You’re Not Motivated From Within!

It seems these days that at the time of this writing that everyone and their Mama is speaking about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election which for the most part is boiling down to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But does it matter to most of us who ultimately wins the seat for office or should we be looking elsewhere for that ever elusive magic elixir of change?

While I do understand that politics can leverage the will of the people if those who have a collective goal can mobilize their resources to force the hand of an elected official to do their bidding, but I am one who feels that we as Black people believe too much in the idea that the political process can serve us better than we can serve ourselves.

 Politics is an area that can get very dirty – as is usually the case – because of the lower traits of human nature that never seems to fail in rearing its ugly head, but no matter how fowl the odor of the “white envelopes passed under the table in secret backroom deals” can get, we have a responsibility to ourselves to move forward to our destiny wholeheartedly and NO politician should ever be blamed for the lack of action in our own communities.
That violation hangs solely over our heads and our heads alone.
As I watch the current 2016 race for the Presidency of the United States unfold, I am more amazed at how the people in general regardless of their political allegiances get so passionate over these two inept and poor representations of leadership that it causes me to wonder how are they governing their own private lives.
Hillary Trump Dirty Living Room
I mean, if most so called Americans were just as proactive in handling their own personal finances and staying out of unnecessary debt and distance themselves from foolish impulse ego driven purchases that are far above their nonexistent budget, they wouldn’t have to lose sleep splitting hairs on which candidate can lead the nation out of debt to cause the streets to appear to be lined with gold.
If most Americans would think for themselves and pull their unnecessarily dumbed down heads out of the mass indoctrination box called television (Fox or CNN, pick your poison!) and antisocial media platforms via their various smartphones (Smart?) and other pricey devices, then maybe we will begin to think for ourselves and see that the onus of change is strictly on us!
Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never seen any Asian immigrants freaking out every time the engineered political winds blow across this capitalistic land of ours that usually arrest and render useless the minds of those born here, unlike us, these newcomers move forward consistently with their plans for success by steamrolling ahead with a focused purposeful ACTION regardless of what useless barb one candidate tweets about another to distract the masses.
Asian Immigrants
When YOU get hungry, only you will feel those hunger pangs in your belly and dizziness in your head until YOU decide to find the appropriate nourishment to carry on with your life! These immigrants already know that they have no one else other than themselves to lean on and they are too busy striving to go higher than to have the time to think about making excuses in order to lean on anyone else.
What I’m attempting to place in the hearts of all who read this is that YOU are the President of your life and your rule over the government that you are IS for an entire lifetime!
Presidents pop in and out of our lives every four years and if they have one term and maybe every eight, if they can lie to us even better than they did the previous time around, but we are stuck with ourselves for life and the thoughts that we project out to the universe.
If those thoughts are of a nonproductive or negative value then it matters not WHO sleeps in the White House because they are not going to abandon that lofty positioning even for a moment to motivate you to go higher if there’s no burning passion already residing inside of your soul.
So that unkempt neighbor who has no pride in how his yard looks doesn’t change his slothful habits regardless as to who now has 24 hour Secret Service protection for the next four years, his grass will remain knee high and garbage piled up because he is not motivated from within.
If you were living haphazardly to never take control of your personal finances to pay off your debts, your low credit rating will always remain on its back no matter who is the keynote speaker at “The State Of The Union” because your own irresponsible habits will always cause your life to be in a “Sorry State Of Affairs!”
Obamacare had NO influence over the poor food choices that landed you in a dwindling state of bad health as we are to know that we are the true leaders of our destiny and decide how long or how short our physical ride here on this earth lasts before we transition to the next level.
Sexy Stranger
You’ve argued with friends and acquaintance beyond measure verbally (And sometimes physically!) wrestling over your personal political beliefs and why your choice is better than your peers, yet that same candidate didn’t help you to make the better choice that would have kept you out of the embarrassing trip to the Health Clinic because you fell weak for a sexy stranger in a night of foolishly executed lust who you didn’t know was infested with countless STD’s!
…….is that the President’s fault? YES IT IS!!!!
You want to know why?
…….BECAUSE YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF YOUR LIFE and you must find the motivation to change from within! Vote yourself in for the ultimate leadership position of your life that will take you where no other elected external official can take you.
Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,
Your Brother,

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