The Twisted Philosophies Of Kinsey, Hefner & Cosby! – Madamwhipass Speaks!

Madamwhipass once again brilliantly and boldly breaks down a connection that many have not been aware of in this whole Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal witch-hunt.

She explains in detail the influences coming from confirmed pedophile Alfred Kinsey of the Kinsey Institute on the minds of Hugh Hefner and possibly Bill Cosby who both have shared a friendship.

To hear the Madam break down this very crucial bit of information causes a whole new light to be shed on how deeply rooted this situation is embedded in our society behind the cloak of what is accepted to be official findings and truth.

Upon hearing this conversation you will begin to understand that nothing in that shadowy world of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion is what it appeared to be on the surface.

That being said – whatever the eventual outcome will be – the listening public will surely know that what we are being told in public runs much deeper and much more higher than we can see in the present.

This will definitely get more interesting and revealing as time goes by and we will surely have more to say on this hot topic over the next few weeks!

I encourage everyone to share their views on this topic by leaving your perspectives in the comment area below. God bless!

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