Two Black Women Get Their Body Cavities Searched Publicly On The Side Of Highway 288 In Brazoria County Texas!

This past July 3, 2013 in Brazoria County, Texas, two young ladies, Brandy Hamilton and Alexandria Randall were driving home after their time spent at the Surfside Beach and were pulled over for speeding by State Troopers.

The women were asked to step out of their vehicle because the officer claimed to have smelled the scent of marijuana coming from inside of the car.

They were still in their bikinis when asked to step outside onto the side of the Highway 288, so they asked if they could put something on (Their dresses), to pretty much cover themselves better since they were now off of the beach.

But the officer told them, “No, don’t worry about it, come on out here.”

Body Cavity Search 3

So now they are standing half naked on the side of the highway while the cop called for a female officer backup because he wanted to have their body cavities searched after finding the butt-end of a “joint” filled with a little marijuana.

He spoke to his dispatch and could be heard describing what these women detainees had on as “Daisy Duke shorts or whatever.”

So here arrives the female officer who performed the search and found nothing! But even further disrespect came when the officer didn’t even switch gloves by putting on a new pair when the next women was searched!

Talk about a toxic risk and health violation. They might have been the best of friends but I don’t believe when they woke up that morning that they could have ever imagined swapping anal bacteria together (Oh how romantic!) later on that day at the “hands” of the law!

But seriously, this was not only humiliating, but a blatant violation of these women’s rights. Do you think if it might have been “Becky” from the affluent side of town in her drop top Audi with special license plates and decorum showing that her father was a prominent well known judge that this would have happened?


But since this officer probably overdoses on “Black Booty Meat and Twerking videos” every night after pummeling his wife into submission while in an alcoholic rage and stupor, he probably feels  every Black woman is some kind of sexual beast and wanted any excuse to sample the goods “first hand!”

These women were not out on the beach “Twerking”, nor were they guilty of anything immoral, just enjoying a day out on the beach and driving home afterward a little faster than they should have been.

And just like the women’s Attorneys Allie Booker and Tara Long stated in the accompanying YouTube video, what would be the reason for the body cavity search if they found the evidence and source of the suspected substance?

And the fact that the female officer (Jennie Bui)  got fired and the male officer (Nathaniel Turner) got suspended and going through an internal investigation is not enough! Put THEIR names out there to the WORLD so that they can feel the pain of public scrutiny as well as firing the male officer with no pension or retirement benefits.

“The department does not and will not tolerate any conduct that violates the U.S. and Texas constitutions, or DPS training or policy,” stated DPS Director Steven McCraw.

He was also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit as well.

Brazoria County Sheriff Charles Wagner and Deputy Aaron Kindred are defendants in the lawsuit also.

Court Papers

As far as I am concerned, this is proof positive of the mindset of far too many Caucasians and other races who are sick with the disease of racism and feeling as though they are a superior to us that we are animals at best!

But to play devil’s advocate, how much has been added to an already twisted mindset by us from the way we project our images all over the internet?

No! I am NOT saying that these women are to take any undeserved treatment because of the United Hoochie Union of America members, but how much harder would it have been for this officer to be able to make this call for a cavity search if all he saw of us in the world was a dignified upstanding presence?


But even if all he saw was Hoochies, Skeezers and Twerk teams all day long, NO ONE should be in a position to make such a call so swiftly as though those young ladies were dogs!

Hell! Most racist Caucasians treat their DOGS better than they will treat a Black person. If they had to take their dog to the veterinarian for some type of intrusive cavity search in a health checkup, they would probably request or inquire if the dog could be sedated as to not make him feel any discomfort.

This is the mind of those who call US animals! This is the mind of those who say that we’re inhuman after a history of inhumane treatment of a people who did nothing to them except merely be Black.

But the alarming trend amongst Black people that I find disheartening is that we treat this like another episode of some kind of entertainment program as though this is not real.

We find all of the other reasons to gang up in the form of the Bloods or the Crips, or Northerners against the Southerners, Light Skin Black against the Darker complected Blacks, Old versus Young, American against the Caribbean Blacks, Gays against the Heteros, it’s a wonder that we are still that little 13% of the population of the United states that we are after getting split up in so many little categories and mindsets.

Crab Mentality

There seems to be more unity between racist Whites than there is as a collective amongst Black people and WE are the minority in this country and OUR divisive nature makes our effectiveness appear even less than 13%!

Now that we have the advantages and common technology of Smartphone and Social Media at our fingertips, we have become to distracted and too damn lazy for real revolution to begin.

We have become so much less of a righteous threat that a damn cop won’t think twice in the year 2013 to pull over someone randomly in order to see what’s in private and where the sun don’t shine.

1713 or 2013?

Body Cavity Search

What’s the difference? They were “taking” our dignity back then and they are STILL doing it right now! Must YOU be the next person to experience such a travesty? Or maybe your Mother or daughters?

Regardless as to WHO it may be, one time is too many and we should ALL be piping hot mad and writing into this police agency (Click here to go to the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department’s website) as well as our local stations to cover this unfortunate event so that a message is sent out to the world that we are concerned about our own.

But I fear that we have become so desensitized as to the divine nature and purpose of our private body cavities that this is yet again just another episode that goes unchecked as Black people go down the tubes of humanity as one of the most degraded people who love every minute of it.

Stay tuned within the next few years as I pray that my fears never come true!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,




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