Two Men’s Random Truths: Agree With Them Or Not?

There’s just something simply amazing about hearing two intelligent men chopping it up with their random truths in a manner that is rarely the norm in the so called Mainstream Media. Whether one agrees with the points shared or not, you cannot deny that when an individual shares their experiences and viewpoints that they’ve accrued throughout their life, it must be compelling to say the least.

Today LanceScurv goes in deep with Michael Taylor to speak on a few perspectives that are rarely heard or even shared publicly from the fear of being politically incorrect.

How can one truly be free when they cannot even voice how they feel?

We are told that we have freedom of speech in America, yet we are demonized whenever we speak on an issue that is considered taboo and must be made to feel the consequences for doing so if not in alignment with the popular stance.

Here on The LanceScurv Show everyone is allowed to state their case in an uncensored manner leaving the listener to decide for themselves whether the content is something that is of sound principle or not.

So sit back and absorb this free flowing dialogue and leave your comments and thoughts below.

As always, thanks for listening!

Random Truths Graphic

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