Two Officers Shot, One Killed & The Other In Critical Condition In Kissimmee Florida!

While it’s sad that anyone would lose their life doing their job regardless as to who it is and what they do, I often wonder how many police officers feel when they hear of another officer in their ranks and beyond are shot and killed.

There has to be an extreme feeling of vulnerability as well as a massive reality check for all as the grim reality of what can happen takes center stage over all other frivolous thoughts that can creep into one’s mind as the routine days pass by.

Who would really want to be that person who delivers that message of loss to the family members of the slain officers as their faces change to a contorted mask of hurt reflecting the deepest pain of the soul that any attempts of external sympathy could never sooth.

I found out about this latest shooting of two officers in Kissimmee Florida just after I arrived home with my Wife who suggested that we check out what was happening on the news. While we do not subscribe to the propaganda that is laced throughout anything that comes out of the mainstream media, we know how to filter the junk out that often comes in the form of those scathing keywords that always seem to smear the melanated people making them to be criminals and thugs while all others are portrayed as decent pristine pillars of society.

Since the complete facts are not out completely at the time of this writing, I can’t and won’t attempt to comment on the particulars but my initial thought was “Oh God! Don’t let it be one of us who did this” meaning don’t let it be a Black person who committed this heinous crime because it will be used to sink us as a collective as the lowest of low.

If you know a Black person ask them and they will tell you that this is something that they think when first finding out of a terrible highly broadcasted crime is committed. We say this because we know that it means that the Black communities near and far will catch hell in the form of increased harassment and unnecessary scrutiny from the police department on innocent individuals who had nothing to do with ANY criminal activity in their lives.

When a Black person is killed for no other reason than being Black who is there to sooth us during our loss? When a crooked cop filled with hate takes aim at one of our kids – not thugs as the media likes to portray – why is there an abundance of silence from within the ranks which gives the impression that a blue wall of silence really and truly exists?

That being said, understand when you don that uniform to become a law enforcement officer, not only will you inherit the faux honor, respect and hero status by those who are romantic to all things police to the point of delusion, but you’ll also become gifted with the countless decades of well earned distrust, anger, frustration and a righteous well earned hate that was produced by the hate of a racist demon in uniform that almost always gets silently supported by the turned heads, overlooked transgressions and outright denial police backed hate crimes of what we know is Amerikkkan as Apple Pie.

The “innocent” police always seem to pay the piper when karma comes back to visit in order to keep the universe divinely balanced. It’s unfortunate that it has to play out this way but we all know that every time we encounter a cop with an arrogant hateful attitude or that condescending state that says “I can’t stand your guts and I’d simply love to beat you down, place some drugs on you and lock you up…..know that they are only stacking the odds against themselves and their fellow officers for the next time one of them has fallen. 

If they only knew that they are the author of their own collective doom then maybe they might change their ways when they finally learn that they aren’t the only one’s who have the power to take a life.

We are born into this world alone and we will all transition out of it in the same manner. Divine law is much higher and more potent than man’s crooked compromised laws that are subject to change. God’s law never changes and the world will soon experience the massive energy shift that those in the know is on the horizon as our oppressor’s will surely see an example of what swift justice is all about!

The Solar Eclipse is almost here, sit back and enjoy the show. Their judgment and battles are not ours. Let them enjoy all that they have cosmically earned all down through their demonic bloodline. Death is only the beginning. If we all loved each other as Brothers and Sisters it would never have been this way but they just had to prance the earth as though they own it…….

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,



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