Tyler Perry’s Laws Of Success!




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  • While Mr. Tyler Perry is free to choose the content of his expressions and presentations, I believe if he ever created something of a revolutionary level that challenged the backward under par thinking of the controlled masses, he would "mysteriously" be banished from the face of the entertainment diaspora with a manufactured scandal that render him ineffective to any effective manner to the very people who love him so much now.

    I really and truly "watch" how our stars seem to "fade out" when they don't play the game and continue the roles that those really in charge designate for them.

    Why is it so important for many of our male stars to wear dresses?

    What agenda is being pushed to plant the seeds in our young men that it is okay to wear a dress because this imagery is so common so therefore it must be normal?

    Why is it now that there are so many effeminate men seemingly in ever growing numbers more so than ever before?

    What seeds were planted in the media to influence our young men 10/20/30 years ago to manifest what we are seeing now in our communities and what will be the extreme result of the intense efforts being orchestrated now?

    Hang out for the ride folks, these next few years are going to be a sight to behold! Hang on to what you know is right and get yourself ready to be right for your God as we get ready to leave this mess!

  • Name says:

    Thank God I am not the only one feeling this way

    this man is obviously a sellout!

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