A Typical Night On My Bus: Secret Lives, Sexual Suppression & Spiritual Deficiencies!

The things that I see on my bus…….

I’ve said this before and I will always say it without hesitation, as a bus operator I get to view society on a level that most are not privileged to see.

It’s not so much in the spectacular events such as the tragic car accidents or the very violent public confrontations that are still chock full of humbling life lessons.

But it’s the small revelations that weren’t intended to be seen, the peek into the cracks of the protective armor that most of us wear out in public in order to conceal our fragile innards from mass speculation.

Orlando Lynx Bus

But the one thing that makes this particular line of employment very unique is not merely the proximity it offers to get up close and personal to the grittiness of street life, but also to view so many live simultaneously over time to witness their trajectories good and bad.

Who ever first said that “everyone is going through something” should be hunted down and given a medal for such a brilliant statement because nothing could be further from the truth.

From what I see everyday on my job everyday, our lives are in a constant state of change and most are not prepared for that change as it comes and get pulled down into that dark abyss of hopelessness because they didn’t take the time to anchor themselves spiritually.

Yes, that I feel is the overriding cause for the world’s moral standing taking the nosedive that it has and will continue to do so as we seek out peace in all the wrong places.


Most of our lives are pretty much predictable when we must work a regular job with hours that are set in stone. Because of this, my bus route is synchronized with the lives of the passengers that I drive to their destinations everyday.

After a time you will begin to know what stop each individual will get off on and pretty much what outfit they will wear on any particular day.

You just can’t help but notice these things…….

What makes it even harder to avoid the more intimate details of the lives of these total strangers is that many haven’t a clue that their cell phone babbling can be heard by me loud and clear as the general consensus is that the bus driver is some kind of invisible entity that simply can’t absorb what they are talking about from day to day…….

So I’m afforded a front row seat into the more intimate fetishes of their often adulterous sex lives because the bus is usually the last opportunity for them to speak in an atmosphere of what they believe to be private before getting home to their loyal, dedicated yet very much unknowing spouses.

Megabus - Bus

One thing you will realize quickly about human beings is that they never “look like” the extreme indulgences of their wonton sex lives.


I believe this is because we try so hard to cover up any indication of what we do in the bedroom by trying to project the opposite image of that sexual persona.

I’ve noticed this trait of sexual suppression mainly in those who were born and raised here in America, as it seems that most tourists from abroad – especially from Central and South America or even certain parts of Europe – appear to be more uninhibited about what they like sexually and it shines through brightly in their public persona.

But we as Americans refuse to allow the world to pick up any hint of the freak that lurks inside of us as though we are going to be interrogated down at Police Headquarters under that bright light while handcuffed having cigarette butts burned on our leg if we don’t respond in the manner that the detectives crave. Lol.

Los Angeles Bus Service

But no matter how hard we try, our true selves always has a way of shining through and usually it’s on my bus!

Think not?

Let me throw a few at you that I’ve heard while doing my job…….

What about the “50ish” Sunday School teacher who makes a detour after the main service for an hour or two to visit with a small time local drug dealer so she can get the oral attentions that her non affectionate old fashioned husband refuses to give her?

…….I heard it all on the bus!

What about that old man who has found his sexual second wind because of the implementation of Viagra in his life so that he is capable of seeing all of the teenaged girls that ultimately drain him not only of what’s in his balls but also that hefty retirement check?

…….you hear it all on the bus!

How about the guy who claimed to be an artist just like me and after exchanging numbers to work on some projects together, sent me endless text messages with the proposition of drinking my sperm out of a cup? Of course he probably left town after he received my very animated response. It’s crazy! I can’t make this stuff up people!

MTA Bus New York City

These are the people who ride the bus and have probably sat right next to you.

Here’s another one…….

How about the husband who rents a hotel room on International Drive every so often so that anonymous men can screw his blindfolded wife raw with no protection while he videotapes every lurid detail calling her all kinds of “whores” and “sluts” as she swallows a whole lot more than her pride.

You can only hear of stuff like this on the bus!

No don’t get me wrong, it’s not as though you are going to hear this stuff as soon as you hit the seat everyday, this information accumulates is over a period of time.

But like anything else after you’ve spent some time in a place you will begin to notice so much more and with the amount of people that I have to deal with everyday it’s a given that someone will slip up in their attempts at anonymity.

But it’s not all about sex in what you observe in these entities in transport, because after a time you can also see their idiosyncrasies and how trapped they are by the things that rule them in their heads.

Sexy Woman On Bus

But then again, it’s not merely the people who ride the bus but just about everyone to a degree or another.

Our hang ups and phobias from what I observe can haunt us, travel with us and be influential in every aspect of our lives to the point of causing us to miss out on so many opportunities for growth.

I see so many bitter people who have an axe to grind with an incident or tragedy from their ever diminishing past.

What they don’t realize is that there are so many opportunities today that they miss out on or never see because their toxic past eclipses their foresight.

It’s sad, and this is why I try my hardest to isolate myself from the barrage of hurting spirits who most often seek to bring me into their space of hopelessness because they sense my constantly brewing joy and think that it’s because of the money that I earn on my job.

Longwood Church

Instead of looking within themselves to find the remedy for their emotional/spiritual deficiencies, many will look to lash out at anyone who appears to have their life together on a steady day to day basis.

But I think that it’s so amusing that with all of the churches, synagogues and mosques dotting the landscape, that there is so much anger, pain, doom and confusion in the world.

So many claim to have a relationship with God but they really only have a relationship with a religion that contains no spirituality at all.

Think not?

Then come take a ride with me on my bus and let me share a perspective that you’ve probably never experienced.

You’ll walk away a changed person guaranteed!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,




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