Actor, singer and entertainer Tyrese Gibson recently spoke out about the antics in Hollywood and how the standards have dropped we don’t have to have talent anymore in order to be a star all you have to do is do anything on a buffoonish level in order to get hits on social media and remain relevant. In other words you don’t need talent anymore or you have to do is act in a very foolish and immature manner.

I agree 100% with what Tyrese stated about the current state in the entertainment industry but most of us who have lived long enough to see the changes in it might just have a bone to pick with Brother Tyrese. The reason I say this is because he does not exempt from the very behavior that he claims to abhor.

It wasn’t too long ago several months past that Tyrese pulled the stunt that was in the category of its own decadence that had many raising her eyebrows and questioning what he was trying to accomplish.

Girlfriend Model Zelie Timothy went on Instagram with Tyrese to share an intimate moment of him publicly shaving her pubic area.

While overshot in a manner to not be in decent we all knew what he was doing but the question is why, especially since he has mastered several categories in the world of entertainment.

So is he a hero or hypocrite?

Maybe we will never know we have to understand that many of these actors who are controlled in Hollywood or mere puppets to do the bidding of their master who has afforded them the fame that they possess.

So please feel free to drop your perspectives in the comment section below on how you feel about the antics of this actor who spoke out against the very behavior that he clearly shows in this video below.

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