Understand That Hell Is The Equal Opportunity Employer To Which All Racists Have Been Permanently Hired As Demons To Cause Havoc On The Face Of The Earth!

Racists are just as much of a victim of racism as those who they terrorize with racism!

Trust me! Even when those who are racist are in a privileged position to inflict their power on the powerless, there is a level of blow-back that will tax and stress their minds into the depths of utter madness!

…….and the really amusing part of this is that many certified card carrying dyed in the wool racists call themselves Christians!

Not to get off topic but as a child I really used to wonder about the racist people during the times of the civil rights struggle and how they could rationalize hating someone because of the color of their skin then turn around to worship a God that represents universal love and the love for your Brothers and Sisters.

If one can grow up in a household such as that with such twisted logic and thinking, then could you imagine the messed up minds that function as normal on the surface but subscribe such a sick mindset as gospel because of their upbringing?

These raised from the cradle racists deem us as being a lowly form of life that’s not even worthy of the basic human rights that THEY cherish, so when in the position on their jobs over us as boss and supervisor, they will give us hell at every turn looking for any reason to get us terminated or made an example of. The nature of the racist makes him/her a predator on those to whom they hate and will literally go out of their way to cause a confrontation that was previously nonexistent just to merely get their hit and the rush that comes from bashing.

So many will go for the jobs that will put them in positions of direct power of Blacks and other so called minorities such as the various law enforcement positions, judicial appointments, medical health positions etc. Imagine what has been done to Blacks and others when a racist in a position of trust does something irrational and unacceptable because of their psychosis?

Egg Racism

Imagine how much life the possessor of the racist mind has lost out on because of their limited ignorant view on those in the world who may look different than them? But that’s THEIR problem isn’t it? LOL!

But I really feel that deep down the racist mind knows that they are missing out on the broad experiences that life has to offer and probably feels like that little troublemaker of a kid who is angry that he didn’t get invited to the birthday party of the classmate who he bullied the entire school year, he might say that he didn’t ever want to be invited but deep down is hurt that he couldn’t be there.

God created every human being that has ever walked the face of this earth, and the people who has showed themselves to be racist were not born that way but picked it up from their upbringing, circumstances and experiences. Understand that it is a burden on their heart and many times their way of dealing with their abnormality is to cause confusion going around them in order not to see the spiritual/mental infection that they are carrying which is slowly killing them and making them unable to enjoy the full spectrum of life.

When one has to deal with this type of mentality on a regular basis such as on a job, you really have to be on guard because the plastic smiles that you get from them are paper thin but the intent in their hearts are as deadly as an assassin. You just don’t know WHEN their mind can flip and attempt to put you in a bad situation.

Now sure, we as Black people can sometimes jump the gun when it comes time to calling someone a racist when it could merely be that the person is an asshole to everyone who happens to be white. Sometimes this is the case, but the flip side of this unfortunate phenomenon called racism is that it can “flavor” the minds of the victims to the point where THEY will see every life situation through the lenses of those who have inflicted their psychosis on their lives in those very traumatic ways.

We as Black people are tired of carrying the burden of jumping through the hoops of those who wouldn’t love us anyway no matter how hard we tried to be “acceptable” to them. and I want to seriously tell you that YOU were not created by such a mighty God and put here to have to validate yourself to anyone with a sick twisted degraded mind in the first place. I really don’t understand those of us who try so hard to push up on a person who couldn’t care less about them and who will do them in at the first opportunity.

We waste too much time trying to prepare ourselves to being accepted by a people (Not all White people are racist but I am addressing those here who are!) who want the worst for us, think the worst of us and will make sure that we stay on the bottom rung of society if we ALLOW it to play out that way.

We also can’t get upset when we come across a person to whom we thought was of a higher pedigree that what they have revealed themselves to be, stop wasting your time trying to figure out who is good and who is bad and focus on executing your God given mission on this earth and never worry about stepping on someones toes because of your standard of excellence in life you strive so hard to maintain.

White Only Swimming Pool

As a matter of fact, instead of getting into any confrontation with this sick mindset in an exchange with them that you will probably never win, use that energy to rise above their narrow minded way of thinking about you by being an example of everything that God desires His children to be while on this earth.

If they say or allude to not possessing the mental capacities that they have then show yourself to be smarter!

If they claim to be a righteous person while doing unrighteous thing to the people of the earth who range in all colors of the spectrum then show them a real example of brotherly love that will force them to look within at the mess that they are carrying in their heart.

While you are not living your life to prove anything to any one man do know that you are to live your life in a manner that shows ALL MEN the glory of God in everything that you do!

So you Blacks who “tone down” your excellence because you are deathly afraid of outshining your narrow minded slave-master YOU TOO are guilty of reacting to the flip side of the racist mind in an un-Godly manner.

While God will not accept a White supremacist mind past the entry gates of Heaven do know that the mind of Black inferiority is just as unacceptable to enter the kingdom of God also!

Our Creator made us ALL in His image and we are to see the beauty and common strand of a loving humanity within each and every one of us no matter what color we are!

The minute that we attempt to exalt one over the other merely because of the color of our skin then we have damned our own selves to hell instantly no matter HOW hard we try to cover it up from the world! Know this about those who you have found to be racist and refuse to go into the “back and forth” pointless battles with them that we can sometimes get involved in when in a mindset that is not at the point of enlightenment yet as long as they are not directly blocking your right to life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

Now that I know so well how to deal with these types on an everyday basis my life in this place called America has been so deliciously pleasurable and free! I suggest that you NEVER stop speaking your mind to the world as long as you see situations that are out of place and need correction, you do not have to walk in fear because of someone else’s mental sickness and like all mental conditions I would suggest that the best thing for this country to do and the racist people inside of it is to seek help because when the world looks at you it sees a people who are less than human by the well documented way that you have treated us over centuries which is a very damning character reference to have.

Their treatment of us is NOT on your life’s resume unless you stoop so low as to become one who thinks like them! Always fight hard to maintain a God centered mind and never give up your salvation and dignity because of a racist mind that was prepared and concocted straight out of the bowels of hell itself to cause havoc and confusion as it has in this world.

Life is too short to half step on your mission and I for one as a regular working blue collar type of guy will always walk bold in the promises spoken to me by my God when I was told to fear no man on ANY LEVEL!

I am not controlled by anyone and will never bow down to a system that expects me to move about this earth as less than the man that my God has made me to be! If YOU want to give up your masculinity because you feel as though it will make you less than a threat to your slave-master than go right on ahead! You won’t catch me out there like that!


If you want to always portray yourself as the buffoon then go right ahead and tap dance for that one who will think just as lowly of you even after the dance is over!

If you feel as though you have to be some racist persons “sex kitten” in order to get that job not because of your cerebral/intellectual qualifications but because of that plunging neckline and inviting cleavage, then go right ahead but never think that will make this man truly love you as an equal as it will make him lose respect for you quicker because of your willingness to give up your dignity for his trinket of perceived status!

Never carry yourself less than the Kings and Queens that God has created you to be and refuse to accept these subhuman images that are blasted in huge constant dosages on the internet and television screen as a means to indoctrinate and season our minds to believing that this is what we are to be to be accepted!

Did God make you to be that way?

Hell no!

Reject any and all projections onto us of the racist mind and only exude the qualities that God wants us to as a 24 hour 7 day a week representative of HIM!

Nothing else is acceptable and when the ugly racist mind rears its repulsive head to you in your daily life, know that what you are dealing with is demonic and was formed in the pits of hell to take you away from your salvation!

A devil never wants you to see the Kingdom of your Father God because he or she will never get there with the thinking that they refuse to stop embracing!

Are all White people devils? I say no because there are just as many devils of all races, cultures, creeds, pedigrees and lifestyle choices. I just chose to speak on that particular demonic entity that for some reason has always tried to be a stumbling block in my life living here in America, but believe me, it is so much bigger than that because HELL is an equal opportunity employer!

So just as I said in the first line of this article that “racists are just as much of a victim of racism as those who they terrorize with racism”, the reason being is that in the end they are all doomed eternally to the lowest darkest hottest bowels of that dreadful place called hell.

Pity them but do not give up YOUR salvation to join them. Life is just too short and just too sweet to erase the memory of such a wonderful place by entering into eternal damnation.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Outspoken & Fearless Brother,


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