Understanding Acute Negativity Infection Syndrome – How To Easily Avoid The Contagious Spirits Of Hateful People!

It never ceases to amaze me when I observe people who are in close proximity to me that seem to always possess overwhelming amounts of negativity on a consistent basis.

There are those that I have to deal with in passing on a regular basis that never seem to have a reason to rejoice for the blessing of life that their Creator has afforded them. It seems as though they have no time for anything positive as their whole entire being thrives on a steady diet of complaining, criticizing and seeking a reason for being combative with anyone and everyone around them!

What a way to live!

Needless to say, I have become a master of becoming invisible to these types in a very covert manner. I mean, when you really dig into the phenomenon of negative people, you will understand that it is actually a spirit that they possess and it is an energy that is just as real as anything that your eyes can see.

The problem for most people is that they cannot “see” this type of negative energy coming their way until it is too late to avoid the confrontation that is bound to happen because of the very makeup of their nature.

What happens is that they believe the “facade” or outer projection of the negative individual and fail to test the spirit from afar in order to avoid getting themselves embroiled in a confrontation that will surely leave them drained and out of their own sense of centeredness.

You have to be right and cleansed within yourself in order to tap into the power of the third eye that all of us have but fail to execute the proper practices to cultivate. It’s that simple.

The main reason why we get caught up in the majority of the things that we do is that we are walking blindly about the earth without utilizing the natural spiritual GPS systems that we have been born with.

In the modern day houses of worship, they will teach you how to memorize scripture upon scripture on end but never teach you how to bring the words to life on the every battlefield that you must face in your daily walk in the trenches of life.

We go through the motions of worship but get nothing from it that we can use when we exit the building other than that ever diminishing feeling of temporary euphoria that we are worked up into as the Pastor screams his Jesse Jackson-like rhymes and catch phrases as his henchmen count up your tithes and offerings in the back room out of sight.

No wonder you don’t have a Third Eye and can’t navigate through just one day without one of your skinning grinning designated joy robbers getting through to you to bring your spirits down!

Number one, you have to take your time when you make the decision to allow someone into your personal space. When an unknown and unproven energy doesn’t have access to your inner sanctuary, they will usually always be on their best behavior with you because they don’t want to shut the door to your resources. Not that everyone thinks in this manner but that negative based entity is a shoe in to be a resource drainer and energy robber if YOU are a positive motivated person. Why? Because they are draw to you like a moth is attracted to light.

Negative people do not get a rush from each other like they do from a positive person. They are diametrically opposed to you by their very makeup, they can’t help but be attracted to your energy while hating it at the same time. It’s kind of sick when you really think about it but it’s true.

I’ve had acquaintances in my life for DECADES and never knew that they even disliked me as much as they did and actually helped to guide some very crucial decisions that I had to make in my personal life over the years that in hindsight weren’t the best decisions that I made and I blame it all on those people who called themselves my friends but were the covert negative entities who were draining me ever so slightly and in an undetected manner under the radar.

How many haters have YOU given an intimate access to the most private parts of your life and never knew that they were swaying your mind and manipulating your perception toward a major decision that could have turned out differently if they just weren’t anywhere to be found in your world?

It’s NEVER too late to rid yourself of these leeches and energy leaks. It is just that you have to be prepared to let them go out of your life forever! It sounds easy but in the real world application of this principle it is quite the opposite!

I have found that these dream killing entities always have some kind of hold on ones life and most likely it can be something quite pleasant and gratifying. It could be where they really do add something edifying to your life in one respect while the destructive aspects of your friendship and connection go unseen only to drain your slowly and negate what they bring to the table on a positive level in the first place!

It’s almost identical to the stereotypical car dealer who will give you a five thousand dollar credit toward a brand new vehicle for your old beat up jalopy that’s hardly running on its own to only sneakily add in unnecessary costs onto the price of your new car without you knowing it.

If you wake up in the morning to find yourself without an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm for the day then don’t assume that it is always a physical ailment that’s to blame because more times than we can imagine it is a spiritual drain.

There is no pill to cure you of the lack of spiritual energy, you have to indulge in a few practices that will allow your energies to be revitalized and brought back to the intended levels that your Creator meant for you to enjoy. You have to pull yourself away from EVERYONE in your world unless you know for sure those that you let stay are not the culprits in your drain spirit. Once you are distanced from most, understand that you will still have to deal with some of the people in question.

Keep your involvement with them limited until you discover what type of effect that they have on you. This could take days as well as months into years. There is just no way of knowing how long it will take before you add these entities in question back into your life if at all!

They have most likely taken years to gain your trust and entrance into your inner circle and for some it might even take that long.

Do know that your own thoughts cannot be cluttered during this very important life cleansing process. You are to have zero tolerance with all things electronic, unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so. The reason being is that a television or radio playing in the background that you are not listening to will clog up and confuse your mind and keeping it from getting the much needed traction that is a rare commodity today in this mind controlled society.

That being said, you must spend as much time by yourself in this crucial cleansing period as much as you can. This is the stone that sharpens the blade of your elevated senses as all unclean and irrelevant thoughts will be purged out of you leaving you to discover your true self. This is not some made up hocus-pocus people, this is DIVINE LAW!

You will notice that after spending an entire quiet day to yourself that your senses and perceptions will be in a heightened state, this is because you have plugged up some major energy leaks in your life as well as cleaned out the clutter that unknowingly seeps into our subconscious mind, forcing us to actually operate on a level far below our intended capabilities. We choke our own effectiveness and energies off!

Make sure during this time to keep your talking down to a minimum if not just total silence altogether. Talking aimlessly is a major drain yet speaking with another kindred spirit who is cleansed and motivated in their area of expertise is a good thing that also acts in a synergistic manner on your energy stores because both parties involved are about pursuing a goal on a higher level than merely the carnal amusements of this world.

Avoid all eye contact with those around you that you don’t know. You would be surprised how much spiritual energy is lost through the unnecessary eye contact that is given away so freely to anyone negative who pushes themselves in your space. You see, lots of precious energy is lost in the “gaze exchange” even if it momentarily at best. Remember, the eyes are the mirrors to the soul, so do not allow yourself to be identified by the predatory entities so easily so you can thwart any attacks that wouldn’t as easily come your way.

Always have a alternate plan for your day when the unexpected transpires. Time is precious, and when something unplanned happens, time is moving on anyway so you need to have another outlet to justify the time passage. This allows you to take control over that unexpected event which in fact will proactively stop any frustration that could have happened if that unplanned happening halted you from getting anything done in the first place.

While I won’t give away all of my techniques for avoiding the negative people and the drama that they bring, to utilize these few practices and incorporate them in your schedule will only elevate your existence over and above those who are around you and give you the edge in your time/energy management while you effortlessly breeze through your day in the fast lane with no resistance from the negative people around you whatsoever!

Call me crazy, call me weird, but by all means do not call me normal! LOL!

I hope you all have gotten something from this written expression of mine and would love to hear your comments in the space provided below!


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June 27, 2012 2:59 AM

Mr Lance, I call you right it sometimes is sad that those in the light, have to guard themself from the darkness of other but hopefully and eventually their darkeness will subside when they are confronted to really look at it..that it the mirrow you are providing for them.. if they care to really look into.. there is hope yet..for where there is dark is also light.

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