Understanding The Kemetic Spiritual System with Zankhu Ziaweet – The LanceScurv Show

Brother Zankhu Ziasweet shares his deep understanding of the Kemetic Spiritual System with our beautiful Sister Netert Talaya and LanceScurv in a conversation that will righteously hold you in a refreshing and soul nourishing way that many have been seeking their entire lives.

I for one have never experienced someone break down something that others may have deemed a very complex subject matter in such a digestible manner.

Brother Ziasweet truly has the ability to teach well as you will definitely find that out in this episode of The LanceScurv Show!

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  1. Asar Imhotep

    The /anx/ has nothing to do with “molecules.” It is a body part. It is a
    symbol utilized by the Km.tjw in medical school. And I agree, it has
    nothing to do with the womb and phallus. But if you just understand the
    language, it tells you what it is and you can cross compare with other
    related languages.


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