Unemployment? Foreclosures? Inflation? Why Lance Scurvin Considers These The Good Ol’ Days!

No, I am not losing my mind when I wrote the title of this blog entry nor did I slip on a mango seed and hit my head! These ARE some wonderful days, make no mistake about it.

Now I know exactly what you might be thinking, how could Scurv say such a thing when jobs are being lost, homes are going into foreclosure and there just doesn’t seem like an end to this madness in sight anytime soon!

Well for many of you who were complaining about the job you DID have and no longer have to regret waking up everyday to have to go to that plantation, you are now FREE! For those of you who do not have that huge mortgage every month hanging around your neck like a noose, you are FREE! And for those gloomy oppressive realities that appeared NOT to have and end in sight, you now have a NEW reality in front of you where the end is wonderfully limitless! How exciting indeed!

Now I know that it is not as easy as that sounds because no one I know no matter HOW positive they may be in their thinking is going to become ecstatic upon hearing that they are losing their home soon or blissfully overjoyed that they just lost their job.

I mean, the first thought to hit your mind at that point should be about survival, not the endless potential of possibilities and opportunities at the end of the colorful rainbow.

Heck, the is no one that I know who goes after their dreams when they are deep in survival mode. Tell someone who is feeling the pangs of hunger in their gut and the constant worry that accompanies a life of homelessness don’t want to hear about how good the future can be! They don’t want to hear that, they are lookin’ to CHOW DOWN and find a clean warm place to grab a good nights REST!

Now if these individuals that are challenged have children that it makes for an even MORE complicated situation indeed. Well I give them a pass………

BUT! If you HAVE a job, and you HAVE a home and are in good health, then YOU have NO reason to complain about a damn thing! We have gotten so used to living in excess that when we must sacrifice a bit to keep the basic things paid and running smooth in our lives, we act as though we can’t handle it!

But if truth be told to spend your time living in fear because of what you stand to lose will cause you to miss out on what these so called tight times have opened the floodgates for you to enjoy these great gifts that you have gained!

For those of you who have allowed those good ole’ days of material gluttony in the 90’s and beyond to blind you as to what true living is all about, then prepare yourself to understand that one day soon you will see how your lust for a “perceived” status through “things” has caused you to lose precious relationships and irreplaceable time!

These are the very things that we have regained in these bleak economic times and it took losing so much to see what is truly important!  The trick is if those who went through the turbulent times of lose get back to the level of financial strength that they once possessed then they should really have life in perspective to know that the cars, homes and easy to vanish trinkets of this world mean absolutely nothing without the balance and peace of mind that comes from having God in charge of your life.

After a life of chasing paper, IF you even had the luxury of a deathbed where you KNEW you were passing on to the next level soon and had time to ponder the manner in which you have lived your life, WHAT regrets if any will you have? What would be the things that you would do differently? What were the things that brought you the most joy to your heart and who would you want to spend just ONE more moment with to tell them how much you loved having them in your life?

Notice in the questions that I asked previously, not one time did I ask: “What big money item could I have purchased that I didn’t have the chance to buy?” Or, “I regret not spending money on those custom rims for that luxury car that I bought 20 years ago”…….. Why didn’t I ask these type of questions? Because you and I BOTH know that those types of questions are completely irrelevant when you are staring the angel of death dead in the face!

So when you view life in this manner you will realize that regardless as to WHAT challenges we may have day to day in a struggle economy, life IS a gift and we have so much to live for! These ARE the good old days and you should NEVER let any person, any place or any THING take you out of that mindset. If you allow that negativity to permeate your mind you will miss out on so many things………..


……….the unexpected beauty of a sunset.

The mouth watering scent of the chicken on the grill blowing over from the folks cooking out next door.

The joy and sense of accomplishment of fitting into that outfit that was a bit too tight to even consider wearing this time last year.

The warmth of your child’s hand holding your hands tight as you safely walk him/her across the street.

That smile and wink from that member of the opposite sex that you just KNEW paid you NO mind what so EVER!

That old song that you never knew the name of, coming on the radio right before you turned the car off to go into the store, but it held you CAPTIVE until it was over as you listened to it until the end.

Waking up scared because you thought it was a work day only to realize that you can go back to that delicious warm spot in the bed for hours on end.

Overhearing some people talking about you intensely, and realizing that what they are saying is all good and complimentary statements!

Shall I go on?

Life is TOO precious to overlook these small but constant treats that are thrown our way.

Once we collectively empower ourselves with the little things that make our hearts glow, we will then realize that these days as well as all of the days in our lives yet to come are TRULY the GOOD OL’ DAYS!

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