The Unexpected Life Lesson Learned From The Lovely Lady At The Doctor’s Office!

Today while on a routine visit to my doctor, I witnessed a random act of kindness that was quite rare in today’s self centered world.

What made it so amazing to me was that it had to be an unscripted knee-jerk reaction from the heart because the individuals involved definitely did not know each other at all.

The story happened like this: A well groomed very attractive Black woman entered the doctor’s office in the waiting room area that already had a few patients waiting to be called for their particular appointments.

These other patients were speaking amongst themselves due to the extended wait and from overhearing what they were sharing verbally, one would understand that they were very affluent people with plenty of wealth and the time to enjoy it as they were playing a game of can you top this.

Out of the seven individuals who were already there, four of them were coupled in marriage and the remaining three appeared to also be married but there without their spouse.

I’m obviously going into great detail because I have a point to make when it comes to the woman who entered the waiting room just moments earlier.

Waiting Room Lesson

For the near hour that I waited with these materialistic individuals whose scale of self worth was directly tied into the amount of grown folks toys they possessed as well as the business ventures, stocks and rental properties that were paid for that kept them in a cash flow that guaranteed monetary stability until the day that God would call them home.

The exchanges between these folks bordered on the bizarre……

“You know, my wife here said that she would be happy staying at our 12,000 square foot home if we would have expanded it more but I insisted that we just go ahead and move forward in building the lakeside estate that we’ve always wanted that’s almost twice the size!”

…….and the response to that braggadocios statement from the other gentleman was just as arrogantly shared…….

“Well my wife and I wanted to downsize to a home that is a little bigger than the one you’re upgrading to (in an obvious display of ego), but what I love about this one is the beautiful heliport that comes with it for our helicopter and the separate quarters half a mile away on the property for our private pilot and cleaning staff.”

…….do you want to talk about a set of people who were miserable? If ever there were people who fit the stereotype of having it all but weren’t truly happy inside this was a textbook example!

So after the statuesque Black women entered the waiting room all noise came to an end. Now, I have to say that the silence wasn’t racially motivated because these people were white, but I will vouch for them in saying that it wasn’t because they carried on their conversation freely while I was there and got quiet for a few moments when anyone entered or exited the waiting room.

But what I overheard when the woman began speaking with the gentleman working the reception area was a little upsetting to me, she was told that her co-pay was 15 dollars and she revealed that all she had on her was 10 dollars.

Reception Area Lessons


The receptionist was doing his job as he had to explain to her that even though she had only ten dollars, the process wasn’t negotiable and she couldn’t see the doctor until she paid up her entire co-pay.

She understood the rules wholeheartedly but still tried to see if an exception could be made for her.

At this point all of the affluent braggadocios retirees present hung their heads low as they peered at each other like a child who knew their punishment was imminent after doing something wrong.

After observing their look and body language I found this to be very interesting. I’ve witnessed many times before how uncomfortable people who have an abundance of funds can get when in the presence of one who is downtrodden to some degree.

This woman stated to the receptionist that somehow someway she had to see the doctor because her condition was worsening and it was a must that she get to him for the care that he could furnish.

I’m not a doctor but to the naked eye one would never be able to discern that she was in dire need of medical attention and I understood from what she said that it wasn’t something that trip to the hospital emergency room could remedy.

After the receptionist politely exhausted himself explaining away every rule that her insurance company upholds concerning the co-pay, this woman let out a sigh of defeat in an obvious moment of distress that seemed to last forever.

A measly five dollars is all that it took for this woman to get the care that she needed.

Five bucks.

I couldn’t help but think to myself as that overwhelming tension gripped the waiting room how five dollars in the year 2014 was such a small amount of money that couldn’t purchase as much as it used to.


Heck. You’d be hard pressed to find something on a fast food menu to purchase for five bucks other than an item from the dollar menu.

So before this woman in distress could fret anymore I stood up and walked in her direction, stood next to her and asked if it were okay that I take care of her co-pay for her……..

The rich helicopter owning, mansion buying, filthy rich snobs were literally in shock as this wonderful woman thanked me to no end, jumped for joy as the tears of relief and release streamed down her face!

It felt really good as a human being, a man, as well as a Black man to look out for my sister in such an unexpected manner.

I had absolutely no ulterior motives and no intentions of hitting on her to recoup on my “investment” to her well being in an unrighteous manner.

It was a raw display and a big lesson to the snobs of one human being simply taking care of another the way it should be.

It felt so good to also realize that those rich white folks had an opportunity to see Black love at its finest. Now don’t get me wrong, love is love. But with the many stereotypes of Black people being blasted across the globe in these reality television shows battling each other I know that it had to be a shock to someone sitting there in that waiting room.

The bottom line is that we have to put into practice what we preach, some of us are so quick to post spiritual and inspirational quotes on Facebook as well as scripture and feel that we have done our part for the uplifting of humanity. Nothing could be so further from the truth!

Facebook Lessons

We need to stay in tune and walk in the spirit so that when there is someone truly in need in our midst we can step up to the plate and deliver! Now THAT’S how you tithe your resources!

To hell with giving up your last to a Pastor who will pass you by in the street in his Bentley while you stand on the bus stop with your hungry kids not knowing if you have enough bus fare to get home.

If you are going to give, do it in a way that will inspire someone to know that there is a God who will move a stranger to make a way for them where there appeared to be none.

…….and do understand, I am not revealing this kind random act that I executed merely to give myself an image makeover to the masses as some nice God fearing gentleman.

Know that LanceScurv ain’t perfect by any means.

But you know what?

When God puts something in the heart of a sinner to do, he will get up with the quickness to do it even when it seems to be something totally against the grain and immensely illogical. The bottom line is that it SHALL BE DONE!

It was truly a great feeling to be used as a divine tool to do God’s will, there is absolutely no feeling in the world like it.

It was a divine lesson learned indeed!

This very grateful woman could barely contain herself as she thanked me and the tears rolled down her face. She was having one of those “so there really IS a God” moments and it was a rush to see her absorb the beauty of the moment.

In our lives sometimes we can seem to go through so much that we might begin to question our faith, it is right at that point of thinking the worst is when something out of this world will hit you hard to knock your spirituality back into the proper alignment.

She hugged me so tight and smiled the most beautiful smile and asked me if there was anything that she could do to make this up to me – she said this in a decent manner – and I told her that she made me feel good by being chosen by God to be in the right place at the right time as I was feeling quite down that day also.

The Attractive Woman Who Taught Us A Lesson

But even the negative forces couldn’t leave us alone for a moment as the receptionist snapped us out of our praise to inform me that I should know that the co-pay for this lady was actually 25 dollars and not the 15 that he originally thought.

Her face dropped but she said she would understand if I couldn’t do it.

The rich snobs watched on the edge of their seats to see if my unconditional love had a cut off point to show that I wasn’t really about giving everything that I could.

But much to their surprise I told the receptionist to carry on with the transaction and she really began to praise God and it made me feel so good even more so to bring a little light into someone’s life.

But you see how most people are?

They will brag about their yachts, luxury vehicles, huge properties, personal heliports and lavish amenities as well as their frequent first class trips around the world yet they couldn’t spare a minuscule 25 dollars to a person in need who was really in a jam.

Lesson Learned At The Personal Heliport

If that’s how I will turn out to be if I were to ascend into that type of wealth then I don’t want it!

Those people are already dead if you ask me and as much as they have in the material department they were not even capable of feeling half of the love that I did from the Lady in the doctor’s office!

It was a lesson learned.

So know that while YOU might be feeling under the weather or not too high on life that day, your divine purpose is still in effect and your value will be realized ALWAYS when you follow God’s instruction to do His will in the time He has given you on this beautiful earth.

Your life really only has value when you submit yourself to the service of others. That’s the ultimate joy and I know this for sure!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Humbled Brother/Servant,




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