UNITY: Will Black People Ever Get It? – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv questions whether the Black community will ever have unity and shares a few examples that he has experienced personally in other communities that are working together for the greater good.

“We need to earn to be more selfless instead of being so selfish as this kills off any progress that we might experience like a cancer eats away at the healthy cells of the body it attacks.”

Unity Graphic

“If we took a page from the book of many immigrants who have all discovered and realized a great measure of success, we would literally transform ourselves overnight but we will never be able to do it as long as we neglect to rid ourselves of the toxicities and self hate that have become deeply embedded and embraced as normalcy in the modern day culture.”

Enjoy the many points discussed and do feel free to share your thoughts, perspectives and opinions in the comment area below!

God bless!

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