Unplug Yourself From The Confusion: It’s Simpler Than You Think.

I realize that there comes a time when you must unplug from the clouds of confusion that can block your view from the beautiful sun that behold the many positive gifts that lie just beyond them.

Let me ask you…….Is their some law that I don’t know about that says you must baby sit another grown ass persons hangups?


I thought so.

For the life of me I simply can’t understand it when others just can’t allow you the space to live your life without dumping on you when you seek your divine path.

Must the scholar in the class get held back a grade because that one student didn’t want to study hard to move on to the next level with flying colors?

A Smart Student Will Unplug From Ignorance

Must the sports car drive behind the hooptie in the slow lane simply because the driver of that jalopy will get his or her feelings hurt when that fast car leaves him in the dust?

No! It doesn’t work that way.

But never allow the mind controlling tactics of another “keep you” in a perpetual state of stagnation when in fact your mind has expanded beyond the narrow way of thinking that is so common in today’s world.

I think back to my younger years and am proud of the fact that I have always been my own man following the beat of my own drummer and loved the sense of independence that came from it.

This is why I believe that I’ve packed in so many wonderful experiences because there is no speed limit on the righteous track of life that says you have to slow down to the speed of your peers.

No Speed Limit - Unplug

If you can read an entire book in two days while it takes your buddy an entire month to absorb the same novel, don’t feel bad.

If you live in a beautiful home that is peaceful while someone else never took the time to cultivate a heaven on earth experience under their own roof then oh well!

If you get up to work everyday and enjoy the fruits of your hard fought labor then why should you apologize to the bum who hasn’t even moved out of his Momma’s house?

At some point in your life, you have to stop babysitting the hangups of those in your midst.

To do so is to rob yourself of the energy needed to achieve your victories in this life.

You only have but so much time to accomplish them and the last thing that you need is for someone to begin to pull you down when it is time to take flight.

About To Unplug From Life

Let me tell you, the stagnant folks in your world don’t know that they’re stagnant until you attempt to pull away from the stagnant practices that they try hard to keep you in.

It is THEN when they begin to inhale the true stench of their ways.

For a short moment in time, they will catch a glimpse of who and what they truly are and STILL get mad when you do not want to be bothered with them.

Unplug Immediately!

But the catch is that they will never look within themselves to see what it might be, it is YOU who will always be blamed for their shortcomings and this one truth is what will keep them in that same space until their time here on this earth is up!

At 51 years old I simply do not have the time to waste anymore and have no choice but to make every moment count.

Reach For The Sun, Unplug From Limitations

Since I’ve affirmed this new way of refusing to consider changing the next persons shitty diapers, I had an immediate sense of freedom wash down over my life.

I’ve unplugged and allowed the chips to fall where they may because the fact of the matter is that if I dropped dead right now, ALL of these spiritual vampires will simply move on to the next person to continue on being who they’ve always been.

…….and they will do so immediately without even a second thought of how much energy I may have freely given to them.

When I look back over the years of my life as being my own man, I must admit that there were many who still sucked so much life force from me which could have been the energy used to accomplish something of worth more so than the leeches could have ever seen at that point.

You have to stand up for yourself to go after your destiny when you hear that divine voice whisper to you that it is time to move on.

But the funny thing is that we all can move up in this life together if everyone had this mindset and courage to unplug ourselves.


The problem is when the others are content to live in mediocrity and take offense when you want better for yourself.

If they want to remain stagnant and void of growth, then it is a choice that they have a full right to make. But at the same token YOU have the right to live your life on a higher frequency as I believe that if you don’t ascend with the opportunities that God has given us then we will have to answer to Him.

…….and the last thing that I want to do is to realize that I wasted precious time sauteing my life in the sauce of negativity that was prepared in the kitchen of smiling haters!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Relentless Brother,



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