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What would cause a teacher to become so infuriated with her students that she would threaten to quit her job on the spot?

What is it about the present generation of school aged children that would cause them to be so bold as to blatantly curse out an adult to whom they are in school to learn from without hesitation or a second thought?

Why does it appear to be an epidemic across the entire United States of America for our children to be so out of control mentally, spiritually and physically?

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Who stands to benefit from the condition of our children being so wayward which literally ensures that they will grow up to be rebellious adults who will inevitably become incarcerated with very little options to live a full and progressive life?

Is it by chance that our schools now seem to be part of a prison preparedness system instead of a learning center for a life that will produce a law abiding citizen that will add back to the communities from which they’ve come from?

There is most definitely a reason for things being the way they are and LanceScurv has a few strong bold, raw and uncut opinions as to why they are that way.

They are most definitely part of a bigger plan because this state of controlled decadence simply could not happen by chance!

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