I have to say that even though in the title I use the term unsuccessful relationships I must add that at the end of the day if you can move on from a toxic relationship it wasn’t unsuccessful as it should be quite a learning experience.

Many of us into a relationship not knowing that we are incomplete and still may need some inner work to make us better to deal with someone who has their own strong points, own weak points and good and bad characteristics that they too must work on to be more of a plus in someone else’s life.

And when you take into account the external pressures and distractions, it is virtually impossible for most relationships to not only survive but to be mutually beneficial to both parties involved.

The pull of the Carmel mentality of this world has a great effect on our minds and when you also add in that most people were not raised in a situation where they were taught what true love is an true commitment is then you have a surefire way to manifest that recipe for disaster.

Unsuccessful relationships are very common these days because we in the microwave society want everything quick without taking the time to work on ourselves and taking the time to get to know this potential one who we desire to spend the rest of our lives with.

We are swayed by the lust of the eye is well as the material gains that this potential partner may have. It should not be about that because riches can be lost in the human body always changes with age so if you are swayed by those things you will never be happy because they will always be someone who has more resources financially just as well as there will always be someone who is coming off the never ending assembly line of a more appealing body.

Just as easy as it is to find yourself and what you may call the commitment it is just as easy to fall out of it because our system profits off of breakups, lawsuits and divorces.

We scroll through Facebook and social media profiles and have easy access to reach out to individuals to whom we do not know and do not know the attributes good and bad but only want them because of what we see.

We also fall victim usually to a façade of someone living an alternative life that is far removed from what they actually live, and we dive in hook line and sinker into a possible hell of a situation that is now hard to get out of.

Just as an old friend of mine used to say in a joking manner but in such a true manner that it is easy to get in and hard to get out so be careful of your choices and make sure that you have worked on yourself in a manner that will allow you to see through the smoke and mirrors of a fake image that many put out there that will catch you like a hook in the bait to get the fish to bite.

Please feel free to share your perspectives in the comments section below and let us continue the discussion on these types of relationships so that we can avoid the minefields that are hidden but very much real that set us back not only for years but for decades along with the scars and pain that can last a lifetime.

Thank you for spending your precious time here with us and I invite you to come back frequently to enjoy our daily uploads. Enjoy!

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