Using Your Third Eye To Discern Your Surroundings

Instincts….In this modern world we have lost the ability to discern the spirits around us. Some of us still have it. Some of us have lost it forever. It is a quality that we Black Americans who have lineage to Africa utilized to the hilt in slavery times.

Our very lives and survival depended on it.

It is what bonds us together today and it is so evident in the non verbal communications of Black people. Because not only did we have to have an awesome “radar” system to understand the rough environment around us, but we had to have a system in place that would allow us to quietly communicate without the slave master being able to understand what we are trying to say right up under his nose.

Listen to the spirituals sung in the churches across America. “Feel” those songs and really absorb them. I personally had the advantage in this area growing up from birth because my Mother traveled the world (Before I was born of course) singing everything from opera to gospel in many different languages. She taught me the history of Black music and how it relates to ALL music and how it is truly an expression from the soul of a pained exploited people….why do you think they call soul music “SOUL MUSIC?” And when a sister opens her mouth to pour her soul out in this manner, one doesn’t HAVE to know her name or specific upbringing, all we know is that we have gone through the same pain and obstacles and the feeling of connectedness and belonging washes over us at that moment!


It’s a beautiful thing that I truly believe God himself put in place for us to give us at least some comfort through what even He knew would be the rough and testing times as a people.

While other communities were “hung up” on “who” was related to “who” by family lineage and family names, we who have lost our names, culture and knowledge of our true God here in America have a gift of a spiritual instinct that is invisibly connected across the black/spiritual nation.

Remember when an elder would disagree with the company of a certain person you kept? You would refuse to hear what grandma or grandpa was saying to you because you thought the WORLD of this person…..but our elders might have said: “That person ain’t no good for you! Keep them out of your life or they will bring you MUCH pain!”….But you ignored their wise instruction and found out the hard way that what they were saying to you was true.

That’s instinct.

That’s the connectedness that I speak of.

And like the training wheels that we needed to gather our balance without falling while we learned how to ride a bicycle, we need to adhere ourselves to the older wiser people in our life so we can develop this ability….And in this world we need to depend on it more than ever before because of the hostile artificial righteously dead world that is in transgression to the words and commands of God.

We have thrown away the gift and are now suffering because of it.
People can appear so well dressed and well spoken in our lives and we fall for the facade because we believe what we “see” and not what we “feel.”
Try driving at night without your headlights! What do you think will eventually happen? Test the spirits of those who claim to be so righteous and watch there deeds.

If someone walked up to you in the street and offered to sell you an expensive gold piece of jewelry for a very cheap price, would you take his word for it? And if he were truly honest and genuine he would not even mind if you requested to go to the jeweler to get an appraisal done on it because he knows he is honest and what he has to sell is good merchandise.

But what if he is a fraud?

Of course he will claim to be in a rush and ask you why do you doubt him. He will display the nervous traits of a bona fide liar….OF COURSE! The man is a fraud! You wouldn’t have had to get this far with him if your “instincts” were in place from the beginning! And you have to really wonder to yourself, how many situations might you have avoided that weren’t good for you if YOUR instincts were not blinded or broken?

The “Third Eye” is the Holy Spirit and it is here for ALL of us no matter your race, color, sex or creed! Many different cultures refer to it by many different names but it is one and all the same. Sincere prayer, fasting a total cleansing and detoxification from this worlds foolishness will bring you BACK into your original possession of it! Just take two steps toward your Creator and He will take four steps back toward you!

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