Veganism: The Absolute Closest Relationship One Can Have With The Sun Of God!

I don’t think anyone wakes up one morning to declare that they’re going to adopt the Vegan lifestyle, maybe so but in my case it’s something that began to weigh on my gradually as the knowledge of what is right started haunting me more and more.

Sure, I absolutely love the experience of biting into a McDonald’s Big Mac with extra cheese and ketchup, but the understanding of what it really does to my mind, body and soul completely as it snatches away the culinary lust that I used to possess for any type of chemically engineered food substitute.

It can be quite an epiphany when you do realize that the food that most accept as normal is a death producing synthetic cocktail of substances altered on a molecular level to kill you with the quickness!

Many who have know me from my teenage years will know that I’ve always experimented with different ways of eating while embarking on a brief stint as a bodybuilder for several years. I learned so much since that time even when I was backsliding in the discipline at the dinner table, I still took note at how the bad foods made me feel and I simply didn’t like it at all.

Going Vegan wasn’t all about just my personal experiences on the effect of tainted food on the body, but it was through my observations of others that scared me away from those deadly substances. I noticed that those who consumed meat, dairy, soy, gluten and GMO products were more aggressive in nature and had more of a cynical, combative, negative demeanor about themselves and they just plain looked to be very miserable in their skin.

On the other hand the behavior from the few Vegans that I knew impressed me because overall they never seemed to be stressed about anything at all. They accepted the various unscripted challenges that were placed in their daily paths with an attitude that was very laid back at best, as though they possessed an inner happiness that was out of reach from this hectic man made system of chaos.

I knew the health benefits of eating in such a manner, but the doubt in the back of my mind was because I had it drilled into me that our bodies needed lots of protein for growth and repair when pushing ourselves physically. Now to be honest I knew deep down that I didn’t need the same amount of protein flowing through my body the way I provided it when I was a competitive bodybuilder, but none the less I had this nagging thought that the plant based diet wouldn’t supply me with that special something that a chicken and fish protein diet could.

But a few realizations hit me recently that let me know where I went wrong in the past when I attempted to leave all flesh alone and I will pass my findings on to you now who are reading this…….

Sometimes the most profound life changing moments come when you least expect it. For me it was when the great Dr. Sebi – a man who had cured AIDS and Diabetes but never got the recognition that he deserved because of the the hit that the healthcare industry could potentially take if this outspoken Black man’s discoveries and methods could be utilized successfully the world over. Google his name and you will see how the Zionist Media shut him down by pretending that he never existed.

It was in Dr. Sebi’s transition that revealed to me the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed to successfully transition from my five year walk as a strict Pescaterian into the higher realm of Veganism.

I have on several occasions sincerely tried to embraced evolving into Veganism but always seemed to fail miserably by finding myself back at the “all you can eat” Sushi restaurant for a slothful indulgence in culinary decadence. Since absorbing Dr. Sebi’s logic, I saw where I went wrong in my approach.

Most who throw themselves into being a Vegan simply think that it is okay to consume anything that is not meat, chicken or fish. So they will embark on long periods of starch eating not realizing that they cannot live on starches alone but have to focus on the components that build the body and that is the vegetables.

The starch of brown rice, quinoa and potatoes are good to consume, but it should not be the mainstay of anyone’s diet and you are setting yourself up for failure if you do so.

I’m not going to go into great detail here as we can do so on a live-streamed episode of The LanceScurv Show in the near future, but the two things that Dr. Sebi said that stuck with me is that here in the west most people consume a diet of pus and starch. Pus meaning lifeless animal flesh and the starchy foods that are stripped away of all nutritional value.

So the bulk of my food intake is vegetables, fruits and then a small amount of starches depending on my anticipated workload for the day but I refrain from overdoing it.

Now that I’ve gotten into this divine rhythm of only consuming foods that grow under the power of the sun and do not walk, crawl, swim or have a face, I feel so much lighter in my spirit and have boundless energy and enthusiasm for each day regardless of the challenges that are thrown my way!

I notice that my spiritual radar is working at peak levels at all times as I can almost “read” the intentions of those who enter my proximity to know whether to keep them out of my space or allow a natural bonding from a kindred spirit.

When you life force is not dominated and sucked down because it has to digest or rather fight off the foreign substance called meat from its system, it is so much easier to navigate the world around you when your sixth sense/ third eye is operating at its maximum capacity.

But the sad thing is that the masses will never understand how good it feels to move about the earth effortlessly simply because you’ve decided to not clog up you system with the dead mucus forming matter that was not created to be introduced to a being with such a long digestive tract.

Most of the time that you observe someone with a very high tight huge gut it is because of the amount of stagnant food that they are constipated with and carrying around that never got expelled. They may have some fat on them but we tend to think of their issue as a fat issue, it’s so much more that and to think otherwise is a crime!

Now I have not written these words to preach from a place of superiority to make anyone feel bad about their food choices or present physical condition because most do not know and it would criminal to do so, but know that I share my experiences out of love and in the hopes that others will follow through to feel good as much as possible while living a healthy, prosperous and quality life.

While many may claim to have a strong relationship with the Son of God but religiously consume the foods that bring one closer to a living death, it wouldn’t hurt to also pursue a relationship with the Sun by eating the foods that act as the middle-man for the nutritious sunlight that bring life in the those batteries that are our minds, bodies and souls!

Dr. Sebi suggested that we see ourselves as batteries that must consume as many different variants of electric foods as possible as people of color. The fast food peddlers of death don’t want you to know that their presence in our neighborhoods are NOT for good health but for the immediate profit and the long term profits that are sure to manifest when your precious body shuts down from dietary abuse.

While I don’t know everything about this glorious road of being a Vegan that I should, I know that with the constant and relentless pursuit of knowledge in these specific areas that I will undoubtedly ascend into my destiny in divine fashion because our Creator would never feed us anything that won’t give us the best chance at living this wonderful gift called life!

Will you take the journey with me?

…….together after applying the divine technique of consuming the foods of the sun we will live life on a higher level and it won’t cost anything to make that change and reap the benefits immediately!

There is no Prozac, Upper, Cup of Coffee or line of Cocaine that can rival the powerful forces that take you over when you are truly aligned with the movement of creation! This substitute world will offer you all of the counterfeit concoctions that appear to be the “cure” for living an imbalanced life but the only answer is to consume the foods that are charged with the precious life force that can only come from a close relationship with the SUN!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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